Will the first Asian #1 be South Korean?
Yang: 20 Years For Asian Number 1
By Kickntrue on 9/2/09
PGA Champion Y.E. Yang thinks it will take an Asian born male golfer 20 years to be the world's number one golfer. Depsite his success he warns those looking for Asian dominance similar to the LPGA Tour not to set their expectations too high. It's probably good advice, but I'd like to see some more confidence from Y.E. He needs to say something like, "Besides me, it will take 20 years." Why shouldn't he think he's going to win 20 events in the next 3 years to become number 1?

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JohnnyW says:
Probably considering how much longer Tiger's gonna be on Tour
dlouder says:
I concur with ThinSliced.
GLFdaddy says:
Tiger's what 33? 34? so that means he could easily stay on THE TOUR for roughly 20 years, correct? But why so specific, its gonna be 20 years be fore any race is the number one. And i know we're talking Asian BORN but hell they should be happy Tiger's half Korean
Patrick McKay says:
He is lowering expectations so he can do it all over again!
thetalentedmrripley says:
Tiger's half Korean? News flash!
Kickntrue says:
@GLFdaddy- while you are correct that Tiger's ethnicity is 1/2 Asian, he actually does not have any Korean ancestry. He is 1/4 Chinese and another 1/4 Thai.
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