Wie Defends Parents
By Kickntrue on 9/3/09
Michelle Wie defended her parents BJ and Bo and thinks people should get of their backs at a press conference for this week's Canadian Open. Wie's parents have received a lot of criticism for overprotecting Michelle and being one of the main reasons she hasn't performed to expectations as a pro.

You can't fault Wie here. Who wouldn't defend their parents in a situation like this, but you do have to wonder if it will continue to be an issue. The fact is- if her parents "let her go" today I doubt it would be like a flipped switch and turn her into what everyone has been hoping for. At the same time- you have to wonder if she is making this public statement as a good daughter but inside it eats her up. Either way- I don't think you really can argue that her parents have done a great job with the management of her golf career. As far as their parenting in general, I'd have no way to judge, but frankly, they are still together and overprotection is kind of like "overlove" so I'm not going to throw them under a bus as people and parents. You just hope they don't try to hold too tight for too long that it does become a separation point between them and Michelle. You really won't come across too many people who love you quite like Mom and Dad do.

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