Just CAN afford a Pro-Am.
A Look At Pro Ams
By Kickntrue on 9/4/09
Seriously, I need to get a subscription to the NY Times because they do better golf stories than even "golf media." Today's paper has an insightful article by Larry Dorman focusing on Wednesday Pro Ams and how much money they make for charity along with what some pros think about being forced to play in them. Tiger always requests an early morning teetime so he can be off the course before most fans get to the course. Others seem to embrace the opportunity more. All players seem to understand their importance though- and how much they make the Tour and its charities.
Golf is the only major sport that allows amateurs to play alongside pros in the arena. On most Wednesdays throughout the 48-tournament schedule, the top 42 players in a PGA Tour field, and up to another 10 to 12 sponsor choices, are obligated to play in the pro-am. An unexcused absence means automatic disqualification from the tournament.

Sponsors who part with $3,000 to $10,000 for each pro-am spot help fuel the engine that drives the sport by defraying tournament costs, and help to finance the $124 million distributed to some 3,000 charities last year.
I think the line I like most is the first- and how an amateur can play in the same arena with the pro- regardless of skill level. I'd love to play in one someday, though I'm confident I never will. Even if I had the money- I'm not sure I could justify it on a round of golf... of course the money goes to charity so it's a write-off, right?

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Backquak says:
yeah its a write-off, right? Can you help me sell that one to my wife?
HotBacon says:
I attempted to enter the Futures Tour Pro-Am at Gettysburg last year, figuring the pro-am for that tour couldn't cost that much. Much to my surprise it was still several hundred dollars!
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