Carbon-Neutral Deutsche Bank Underway
By Kickntrue on 9/4/09
The Deutsche Bank Championship is underway. It's the first ever carbon-neutral golf tournament. Did that sound like I care?

Solar panels have been installed and I suppose trees shall be planted. More importantly, Tiger Woods and the rest of the stars are out at the TPC Boston for one of the last great/strong fields of 2009. Steve Stricker- 2nd in the FedExCup standings is off to a blazing start. He is one of the few people that would need to win this event to make the FedExCup actually have some drama (besides the manufactured drama the PGA Tour will create in the last event by erasing all points).

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Carbon-Neutral Event

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Torleif Sorenson says:
Yes, but if it were truly "carbon-neutral," would environmental extremists also insist that nobody be allowed to use carbon-fiber / graphite shafts? Are *steel* shafts and heads considered "non-sustainable?" Would there be "carbon-neutral" mandates for aluminum club-heads and bamboo shafts? Would the flags on the greens need to be manufactured of hemp, instead of normal materials that actually last? Would the tournament have to be cancelled and the golf course closed forever if they discover an endangered species? Like "Macquarie's South Australian Purple-Spotted Earthworm?"

Taken to the environmentalists' extremes, the ridiculous possibilities seem endless.

Having said this, our not buying into the doomsday scenaria of Global WarmingGäó doesn't mean - and hasn't ever meant - that we, the skeptics, don't believe we shouldn't take care of our world.
falcon50driver says:
I would never do business with people so stupid as to name their company "The Douche Bank"
Kickntrue says:
Wow- If Sticker wins tomorrow with Tiger back in the field... FedExCup will actually be exciting finish.
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