I Admit It. I'm Intrigued.
By Kickntrue on 9/8/09
I'm still not on the FedExCup bandwagon but Steve Stricker winning the Deutsche Bank Championship yesterday at least made things ... interesting.

If I were a betting man I'd still have to put money on Mr. Woods but the facts are the facts; Steve Stricker is in the lead for the $10M with 2 events to play. I still haven't heard/seen if Tiger is playing again this week. In the past it seems he wouldn't play 3 events back to back to back but they did put an extra week break in before the Tour Championship, so maybe. When/if he does play- it certainly will show what he thinks of the FedExCup. I'm guessing he thinks the whole thing is a bit ridiculous. At the same time, I'd think the competitor in Tiger says, "While I'm healthy and playing, I want to be the only name on that trophy."

Vijay stole a spot on it last year with Tiger injured, but Tiger could win the thing for the next 10 years, but the new points system certainly makes that a bit tougher.

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bducharm says:
I am a HUGE Steve Stricker fan - what a GREAT and humble guy! He fell off the map a few years ago and worked his tail off to get back to where he is now. I have a good friend who is a Titleist rep and related the following story to me. When Stricker started coming back a couple of years ago his agent went to Titleist to re-work his deal with them, asking for MUCH more money. Stricker found out about this and called Titleist and told them he was fine with his current deal (not the highest paid Titleist player by any means). He was so grateful for Titleist staying loyal to him during his down years he felt like he owed them something back! Unheard of in today's "me first" society!!! I will always support and root for Mr. Stricker!!!
jm32 says:
Tiger is in this week according to the Chicago Tribune. This is the first I've heard of the week off between. While I'd love to see Stricker win (he seems to be a genuine guy and small town guys root for their own), the week rest makes Tiger a lock to win the final tournament.
TeT says:
You will note how seriously Tiger takes it by the number of practice rounds he takes in at each event. He played one warm up round this past week; Thus finally getting it all together on day 4 of the tourney (not early enough, but close) He is toying with the schedule and trying to coast. I imagine that during the last week he will be out there for a few more days when it really matters... If so, hold on to your hat...
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