It comes in multiple colors.
Smooth as Glass
By Kickntrue on 1/24/07
I came across this site and just didn't get it! A putter made out of glass?! They even have great propaganda to back up their research that glass really does putt smoother. Check it here.

Sorry if I sound a bit skeptical, maybe I'm just predjudiced towards my old Odyssey. If anyone wants to volunteer to check it out though, I'd love to know how it turns out.

Glass Putter.

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klangdon says:
I see a big problem with this:
Inevitably I will hit a really bad putt, the kind that rolls back off the other side of the green. That of course is going to result in my putter reaching an altitude of about 25 feet. Im thinking that a glass head isn't going to recover from that real well...
DeepRough says:
Very interesting, I wonder how a glass putter 'feels' :)
jimithen says:
I would think it would require a pretty well padded head cover just to survive wear in the bag.
golfgirl says:
It's so pretty, and it comes in so many cute colors too. I think I'm getting one.
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