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Arnie's Turning 80
By Kickntrue on 9/8/09
Arnold Palmer is turning 80 years old on Thursday and the tributes are already flowing freely. Golf Channel, which Arnie helped found, has made it "Arnie's Birthday Week" and will be featuring different aspects of Palmer's greatness all week. PGATour.com has a great list of 80 things to love about Arnie.

The fact is- I'm too young to really appreciate and know Arnold Palmer as anything but an ambassador for golf instead of a player, but I guess I should be lucky to see what I can. The fact is- every generation will have someone like Arnie. Kids being born now and in the next years will really only ever know Tiger's dominance in story form.

Of course- it seems there was something much more to Arnie- moreso than Tiger. Maybe Tiger will loosen up as he gets older but Palmer seems to have a connection with people unlike any other golfer who's ever played, even greater than someone like Nicklaus.

If anyone has 1st (2nd or 3rd) person stories about Arnie- I know I'd love to hear them and I'm sure the rest of oobgolf would as well.

Arnie's Birthday Week At GolfChannel
80 Things To Love About Arnie

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