Free Fore! Application for iPhone
By Kickntrue on 9/8/09
UPDATE: GONE! SOLD OUT!! FIN. You guys are like vultures- I love that about you!

Okay iPhone junkies... Let me tell you how to get a $25 app for free.

Fore! from Uber Entertainment has given us a couple download codes for their iPhone application for our users. The app costs you $25 in the iTunes store, and it's free when you email me. Which should you do?!

Here's how to get your download code.

Email me. That's it. Not hard.

The first 5 emails I get requesting the app will get a download code. Thanks to Uber Entertainment for providing the downloads !

** Must be US iTunes store.

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Josh says:
I'd like to see a review of said app up here.....
JCaus says:

too late!
skirchner says:
I already have the app and I love it. HAs all the courses I play here in NY and when I travel to Vegas or Arizona. The best part is it integrates right into the OOB scoring app!!
dlouder says:
I'd like to see a comparison with this an GolfCard. I currently use GolfCard... and my biggest pet-peave is that it doesn't take advantage of the additional stats that 'addict' users can follow (chips, distance, etc). I have to always manually enter those into the scorecard after the upload...
rcbarker says:
Comparison of Fore! to SmartScorecard (Free):
SmartScorecard: Sometimes hard to select the right course of there are others with similar names because it only displays the first 20 characters or so in the course listing. The auto-locate/show me courses near me doesn't always work well to alleviate the above problem. Fore! has a working auto-locate that works much better and the course name display is much better to allow you to see the whole name.

Smartscorecard allows easy entry of club used off the tee and length of tee shot. Fore! doesn't allow this. Smartscorecard also allows entry of sand shots and penalty strokes. Fore! does not.

Smartscorecard only lets you keep track of other golfers who have an oobgolf account. Fore! allows you to keep track of others with or without an oobgolf account.

Smartscorecard (and Golfcard) have GPS integration that allows you to approximate distances using an overhead map. I haven't been able to find that on Fore!.
rcbarker says:
Fore! also is able to access your contacts and use them to identify your golfing partners. I'm pretty sure that once you get your golfing partner to input their oobgolf login and password, that it is saved such that when you pull that person in from your contacts for a later round, the oobgolf info is already there.

Smartscorecard automatically updates oobgolf periodically in-round so that friends can follow along online. Fore! only updates when you tell it to. So, this can be a positive and a negative. Less automation by Fore!, but decreased battery use.
lazorbeam says:
@dlouder, I use golfcard all the time... for some reason if you put you info in golf card and upload to oobgolf it looks like it is not there. If you edit the individual round and go to the stats page you will see the the driving distance is there Hit save from there and those stats will show up in your round summary, and then be calculated in you score summaries. Chips do not translate yet, for some reason.
dlouder says:
@lazorbeam. Thanks. Hopefully that's something that can be automated shortly.

I emailed GolfCard yesterday about OOB Addicts, and this is what they said:
"A future release of GolfCard will either support addict or will add chips and first putt distance to the standard stats that are uploaded. This is a technical detail that Senygma and OobGolf will work out in a future release."
blipszyc says:
@rcbarker - thanks for the comparison. I emailed the writer of SmartScoreCard, which is what I've been using to keep score and upload to OOB, and he said he's working on a new release that has better course identification.
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