Norman Makes President's Cup Picks
By Kickntrue on 9/9/09
Captain Greg Norman has added Adam Scott and Ryo Ishikawa to his President's Cup team as Captain's picks. Scott has a lot of star power but has been horrible in 2009. He said as recently as last week that he wasn't expecting to be made a Captain's pick and certainly wouldn't blame Norman if he didn't want him. Ishikawa is a 17 year old sensation who plays great, but should also bring a lot more exposure to the event, especially in his home of Japan.

While I can't really argue with his picks, both Scott and Ishikawa are good players, it does seem like some of this was "star" driven. Even if it is though... smart.

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Patrick McKay says:
Ishikawa is a great pick, he is poised to become a huge star. He may very well become a Tiger killer.
bducharm says:
WOW - Adam Scott has had a HORRIBLE year!!! VERY surprising...
Banker85 says:
milkah singh would have been a good pick
twood says:
Scott is a brutal pick.
mjaber says:
I think he should have chosen Shingo Katayama... he would have paired up well with Villegas, style-wise
alcw says:
lousy choice and I see this lackluster event as not being worth much time
Torleif Sorenson says:
@P-Gunna, I agree that Ishikawa is a smart pick. Instead of Scott, IMHO Marc Leishman would have been a great captain's pick *even before* he finished T2 at Cog Hill on Sunday, but of course Leishman doesn't have Scott's star power.
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