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Golf = Economic Growth
By Kickntrue on 9/9/09
How do you know what countries are failing and what countries are hanging on in economic turmoil? Look who's building up golf. I'm going to jump around this Newsweek article a bit- and you should really read the whole article if you're interested:
Golf, in fact, provides more insight into politics and economics than most people realize.


Golf is an expression of increased economic and political openness.


Why is golf associated with so many positive trends? It is not just that the game tends to flourish in countries that welcome tourists, who can bring new ideas along with their bags of clubs. Large numbers of golf courses reflect the emergence of a domestic middle class, the traditional foundation of democracy. And they suggest a society where citizens not only enjoy leisure time but take basic security for granted.
I also found another article I'll link too about a couple Russian billionaires who've lost a ton of money in commodities who are now investing very heavily in golf.

I guess the real question is... is golf a product of these countries who are doing okay or an actual reason for it? I'd think you'd have to argue the former, but still, seems to make a good excuse to keep playing golf and encourage your representatives to push for public funding for golf. Yah.. that will work.

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