Walker Cup Kicks Off Today
By Kickntrue on 9/11/09
The 2010 Walker Cup starts tomorrow and while it's not as big a deal as some team events, it should still be celebrated. The Walker Cup is played every other year and features the best amateurs from the USA versus the top amateurs from the UK and Ireland. The event dates back to 1922 and some of the greatest players in golf history have played and/or captained the event in the event including Bobby Jones, Francis Ouimet and more recently Luke Donald and Paul Casey.

It's a great honor for an amateur golfer to play in the Walker Cup and in a lot of ways it gives us a preview of what could be to come. This year's USA team includes Ricky Fowler, one of the top amateurs from the last few years who's actually put off becoming pro to play in this event, as well as top notch amateur Drew Weaver. I admit- I'm not really up on amateur golf so I'm sure another name or two on the list will stand out and some of these players will become stars.

The other cool thing about the event though- is that they WON'T all be stars. Amateurs come at any level and age group. I've linked a cool article about Nathan Smith- a 31 year old playing for the USA team, the oldest player in the event. Just because he's never gone pro doesn't mean he hasn't continued to pursue his love for golf and play at a high level.

The only real complaint about the whole thing is timing. How are you going to schedule this for NFL's opening weekend and on the same day as a full field top-notch PGA event? I'm already going to be passing on watching Steve Stricker take down Tiger for some football... I just can't see how the Walker Cup is going to get more than a passing glance.

Nathan Smith

Wikipedia's Walker Cup Entry

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mjaber says:
Maybe they should have pushed it back a week, so that it was in the off week between the BMW and the TOUR championship. I agree, poor timing.
Banker85 says:
Nathan Smith is an inspiration to me. just gotta convince the wifeee!
gardnerdan says:
Anybody know where you can get some good info about Merion East? i.e. course layout, yardages etc. I was disappointed in the TV coverage and regret not making time to go to the event. I've played Hugh Wilson's other design (Cobb's Creek Old Course) many times. The back nine is essentially as he designed although the golf course is maintained in horrific conditions because it is owned by the city of Philadelphia. Nevertheless, it holds a special place in my heart as it is where I learned to play this game, so I have developed an affinity for the few designs that Hugh Wilson was involved in. If anybody has any links that may be obscure or difficult to find, please post them.
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