This Guy Is My Hero
By Kickntrue on 9/11/09
Who hasn't doodled golf hole ideas before while bored? For Jim Little one of his holes was selected to be in the newest Golden Tee game.
The Mansfield resident won the "Golden Tee" design-a-hole competition with his submission of a par-5 design called "Tropical Torment." The design is part of "Golden Tee Live 2010," set to hit store shelves Oct. 1.

"Golden Tee" is the top U.S. coin-operated video arcade game with machines located in more than 100,000 bars, according to officials at Incredible Technologies, the game's Arlington Heights, Ill.-based manufacturer. It also can be played online with live competition. Little's design was selected by fans. Little received more than 45 percent of roughly 60,000 votes cast on the game's Web site.
Little will become only the 2nd other person other than the 2 game creators to have ever made a hole for the game. So... I know what some are you are thinking... big deal, right? Well, comeon. It's GOLDEN TEE! Even if you haven't played it- you've seen it and thought it would be secretly fun to drop your hard-earned money into the game. I know it's tempted you. Who doesn't have stories of going low in Golden Tee, only to not remember your actual score the next morning? ... Oh, that's just me?

Well, I swear I was -15.

We should do a contest like this on oob... and then submit it to Rees Jones. Maybe he could do a redesign with our oob'd up courses. Yah... that could happen.

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Banker85 says:
best ever was a -10
HotBacon says:
When I was a consultant living on the road, I visited a hotel bar or two and played ALOT of Golden Tee. I couldn't remember a signle score the next morning, but I know I had a few low ones.
kidputter says:
I own the home version. The kind that plugs into the TV. Have shot -18 a couple of times. Golden Tee was STATE-Of-THE-ART before PS2 and Wii. It's still fun to drop a few bucks in and play it when I'm at church waiting for halftime to end.
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