There Goes That Drama
By Kickntrue on 9/12/09
Moving day, huh? I guess so.

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notyourdata says:
It's about time.
Banker85 says:
Tiger put on a show today.
Mags says:
I was there and was able to see Tiger do his magic (when I could get close enough to the action). He looked comfortable and was having some fun. He loves this course and has always played well here. Got to say Phil is a great guy, always took time to talk with the crowd. Oh and Sergio is an arrogant a__hole. He waived off a lot of kids for autographs.
C-4 says:
Not too many of those guys signed autographs...After taking a good whipping, I guess i would be a little salty also. It sure was nice watching thier wives and girlfriends. If its not Tigers's autograph(which he doesnt sign), then your better off watching the eye candy.
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