Tiger Woods Wins
By Kickntrue on 9/13/09
Eldrick Tont Woods cruised to victory and will be the lead dog in two weeks at the Tour Championship. Of course- even after having his huge lead reduced once at the start of the FedExCup playoffs he's built it back up to another large margin. Due to yet ANOTHER reset Tiger will now have to fend off at least 4 others. Tiger currently has 7195 points and 5th place Heath Slocum has 3004 points. If Slocum wins in two weeks he'll get $10M and be the FedExCup champion. I just can't get over that...

Still- you know Tiger will find a way to win the thing. Do you really think he'd have it any other way?

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Banker85 says:
With no majors this year I am sure he is thinking he has to win the tour championship and the Fedex cup. He keeps this up and he is money.
kidputter says:
Get over it already. The reset is a GREAT idea. When other sports make it to the playoffs they must win to advance. I like the fact that points are awarded for seedings but the numbers, in my opinion, are too big. Points should be 300 for #1 seed and 10 for #30. That way almost everyone that qualified has a chance.
Backquak says:
I agree kidputter, if they want to change the Fedex Cup to The Player of the Year Cup then they don't need play-offs, this is the play-offs anyone should have a chance at it, I still think they should change the final event to a Match Play Event.
ayparekh says:
Lets face it. The PGA doesnt know how to fix this mess they call a Playoff. Its probably the worst playoff in all of sports. Till it doesnt affect viewership, they will only make minor tweeks.
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