Ray Romano Next Up For Haney
By Kickntrue on 9/14/09
Hank Haney couldn't fix Charles Barkley but he'll try again with Ray Romano for his upcoming show on Golf Channel. It appears that Ramano is not as bad off as Sir Charles to start but will work to get better while also offering his unique humor to the show.

Full disclosure- I was not a huge "Everybody Loves Raymond" fan- but I just can't see how this will be a hit. Barkley got ratings because... well, he's Charles Barkley and you just never quite knew what he was going to say (and everyone knew how bad his swing was to start). Ray Ramano is going to run his schtick and it's going to get old in one episode. Hopefully I'm surprised and it turns out to be a hit show- I'm always in need of good sports programming, but I just can't see it. What has Ray Ramano done in the past 3 or 4 years?

Golf Channel needs to get someone fresher- more addicted to golf... Justin Timberlake. Imagine Haney taking him from a 6 handicap to a scratch golfer. That would be worth watching.

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aaronw409 says:
I agree with everything you said...but I will still watch it.
Shankapotamus says:
If they're going to have a comedian who is a hack, I'd rather see Kevin Nealon. I've seen him paired with Ramano in celeb tourneys and he isn't much better than Barkley. I think they need to use a high handicapper because the improvement is so much more noticeable (or at least it should be) than it would be if he worked with someone like Timberlake. As a 6 myself, I can testify that the practice required to go from a 6 to scratch would be extremely boring to watch (eg tons of short game).
mjaber says:
I loathe Ray Romano. He's not funny. Kevin Nealon wouldn't be bad. My 2 choices, though I'm not sure if they play golf, would be Brad Garrett or Richard Kind. I remember seeing Brad Garrett and Ray Romano on "Celebrity Poker Showdown", and Garrett was so much funnier than Ray.
greendevil says:
I am a fan of Everybody Loves Raymond but I can see how some people would not want to watch this Haney project. It's going to be difficult to top the Barkley project.
dlouder says:
Why not pick an 'everyday joe', like me? I'd be more interested watching Hank Haney take on ten 36 handicappers at once, then to watch a celebrity who already has all the time in the world to practice... and is just lazy.
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