Tennis Champ Turned Looper
By Kickntrue on 9/14/09
It's not everyday a champion from one sports takes the "grunt" job of another- but that's what Richard Krajicek has did. Krajicek won Wimbledon in 1996 and played professional tennis until as recently as 2003. After that- he took up managing athletes and decided to caddie for one of his clients, Wil Besseling. Krajicek thinks he can help Besseling work on his mental game and improve his focus on winning and dealing with pressure.

I like this a lot. It's not everyday you find a manager willing to get his hands dirty and truly try to make things happen. How many people would've just sent their client to a therapist or frankly just ditched their client ranked 300+ in the world? You've got to admire Krajicek's ambition to help if nothing else. Do I think it will help? Well, that's another story. The guy won a single major (which is a great accomplishment) but it isn't quite like Pete Sampras walking you through how to win. I think it's a nice gesture but realistically I'd feel comfortable saying this is the last time you'll ever hear of Wil Besseling or Richard Kracjicek for that matter.

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