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Sympathy For Fatigued Golfers
By Kickntrue on 9/14/09
A couple PGA Tour members have complained about being fatigued after three back to back weeks of playing. Legit or a bunch of crybabies?

Let's break it down- 3 straight weeks... so 12 rounds of tournament golf. Figure 2 practice rounds for each site- which brings rounds of golf up to 20. They have to travel 3 times... from NYC to Boston to Chicago so there was 1 change of time zones by a single hour. Throw in the extra practice time, media stuff and whatever else they have to deal with (family) and I'd imagine they have pretty full schedules.

So legit, right?

PULLLEASEE! You are athletes, right? Oh...

I'll say this. I may be tired after playing 20 rounds of golf in 23 days... but I'll sure trade places with any of them to deal with the anguish.

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joepro23 says:
I can see why some guys are fatigued if they are out of shape or have lingering injuries. There really aren't many excuses otherwise. They are walking the course (4-5 miles), but they have caddies. In addition, the weather this time of year in the northeast is perfect for golf (around 70 deg). Most pros in decent shape shouldn't even break a sweat out there. Perhaps they are mentally drained though, since putting your game face on 20 of 23 days has gotta be tough.
nolongerhere says:
Oh yeah, playing 6 times a week under perfect conditions... I know a few guys who would kill for that life style. ;)
Changed out says:
I'd like to know who the pansies complaining are. Either they are trying to come up with an excuse for playing bad or they forgot they are getting PAID to play GOLF. There are far worse things to be doing. If they really are hurt then they should take the time off, if not try going to the gym every once in a while. Maybe the PGA should make them carry their own bag until they stop complaining.
greendevil says:
I just think it's an excuse for those not playing well. Every golfer on tour should be in good enough physical shape to play golf everyday without getting fatigued.

Now if it's stress that's making them fatigued; I'll buy that. I couldn't imagine the stress Brandt Snedeker has now that he 4-putted the 18th hole on Sunday and knocked himself out of the playoffs. I wonder how much money he lost from that 4-putt.
Jeff Rowan says:
I'm sure the mental side is diffucult but walking four miles a day should be cake walk for anyone. they must view golf as work where us amateurs just can't get enough and would kill to play several times a week. Ohhhh and getting about 15k for LAST place sounds terrible let alone placing and getting just slightly more. LOL
mjaber says:
Nope. No pitty for them. Is it stressful? Sure, but that's life. I'll bet not one of them had to get up at 3am to catch a flight and then go immediately from the airport to the course and start playing. The time change from Boston to Chicago shouldn't be an issue either, since they were gaining an hour.

This is the same as them complaining about the course. Everybody has to do it, so it's level field. The only guys that have an advantage are the guys that missed the cut.
ellmnopyon says:
This should be even more incentive for golfers to get in shape. Tiger may not play as many competitive rounds, but I doubt he would ever complain about being fatigued.

On a side note, the guinness world record for most holes played in a year is held be Leo Fritz who played 10,550 holes in 1998, which averages to 28.9 holes/day. (Source: Guinness World Records 2009)
munk24 says:
Actually Tiger did say he was tired and drained, and Im a huge Tiger fan, Im sure its more mental than physical, but as a former jock, when you get to the end of the year, those little tweaks and bumps you have acquired during the year seem to accumulate and then not having any rest to let them heal. Ill take that life anyday!!!
kidputter says:
IT'S NOT FOOTBALL!!! These guys play GOLF, for crying out loud. It's their JOB! I do my job 5-6 days per week for 52 weeks a year. I may be tired but I still do it EVERY week. Tell these whiney SOB's to come to work with me for a month and then talk about how tiring their job is.
KVSmith59 says:
ditto kidputter
Banker85 says:
ya mental fatigue maybe, physical no way i like the carry your own bag idea.
Torleif Sorenson says:
Consider the physical *and* mental toll NHL players will experience just to get their name on the Stanley Cup. Brent Gilcrhist endured some monstrously painful shots and Steve Yzerman played mostly on one good leg - just to *keep playing* when the Red Wings won the Stanley Cup in 2002. During the Edmonton Oilers' dynasty of the 1980s, Paul Coffey played one April and May with a couple of broken ribs.

This is why Tiger winning the 2008 U.S. Open - in a playoff - with a torn ACL - deserves to be admired as much as those NHLers.

"I had played so poorly recently, I started thinking that maybe I should do something else. Then I saw my friends going to work everyday and realized my life wasn't so bad."
- PGA Tour professional Steve Pate, nicknamed "Volcano" (1961- )
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