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Ryder Cup Wives Wet T Shirt Contest
By Kickntrue on 9/15/09
I was reading through my Golf Magazine while having breakfast this morning and almost laughed a Fruit Loop through my nose. There is an interview with Hall of Famer Lanny Wadkins talking about a lot of things, but one item he touched on was hope Ryder Cup celebrations used to be a little wilder and much more meaningful.
We were all in there semibehaving and then Fuzzy took a giant bottle of champagne and turned it into an instant wet T-shirt contest for the wives, and then we all started drinking champagne out of the Ryder Cup and we had a sip and Jack said, "Barbara, you haven't had any yet." It was about two-thirds full and as he went to give it to her, he grabbed the back of her head. She had to either drink it, let it run all over her or drown.
Unfortunately, I could not find any pictures.

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