Condi Rice Joins 2 'Bama Golf Clubs
By Kickntrue on 9/15/09
Who was the most prolific golfer in the White House in the past 20 years? Not Obama, Bush or Clinton. That title belongs to Condoleezza Rice. She's quite an avid golfer and continued to prove that by recently joining two separate private clubs in Alabama.

A black woman joining two private courses in the deep south... Wow- I'm proud to be an American today, and I mean that in the most sincere way possible (without trying to offend our southern oobers' too much). Very cool.

The two courses in question are Greystone Golf & Country Club and Shaol Creek, both around Birmingham. Both look very nice- so ... if anyone has any connections to Condi, or to those courses let me know. I don't have any trips to 'Bama currently planned (not until Sept 11, 2010 when PSU will RIP the Tide apart) but I guess I could make a trip for something.

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Clint24 says:
THANK YOU!!! Thanks for finally ripping the Tide. I hope they beat the crud out of them. WAR EAGLE!!!
bairdcr says:
Good luck! LOL. Roll Tide!!!
munk24 says:
Both are nice, Shoal Creek has hosted the PGA and US Junior AM, (ranked as #1 in Alabama) Greystone hosted the Champions tour event until a few years ago. Shoal Creek created controversy right before the 1990 PGA because they didnt have any black members. This forced the PGA and USGA to revamp their criteria for selecting clubs to host tournaments. Hope she invites me to play. I would have loved to see her run for President. Most qualified of any who were in the arena last time by far.
munk24 says:
Hey guys, by the way when us southern oobers are playing golf this winter, we shall think of you in the kindest of terms,lol
greendevil says:
It would be nice to be able to golf year round; we only have about 8 months to golf here in Ohio
Torleif Sorenson says:
IMHO Dr. Rice could be a great candidate to run the LPGA, given that Rear Adm. Marsha Evans only wants to be the interim commissioner. But as @munk24 correctly points out, the problem is that she's destined for more important things. Regardless of how one thinks Rice handled the State Dept, she would make a far better president than Obama - and by a considerable margin.
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