FedExCup Explained
By Kickntrue on 9/16/09
Good news- Someone has explained how the FedExCup final points breakdown will work. Bad News- Unless you have a graduate degree from MIT you'll have to wait for NBC to tell you the winner.

Instead of linking you at the bottom- you need to see this first- then continue. I'll wait ...

FedExCup Point Breakdown

Okay... so now that it is clear.

I have to agree with Geoff Shackelford and a couple others on this one. Why not a more transparent solution. Both Shackelford and Golf Digest columnist John Strege make a good point that for as goofy as the LPGA does things sometimes, emulating their old ADT Championship makes lot of sense here.
There is, and the LPGA once used it in its season-ending ADT Championship. Like the FedEx Cup, it also rewarded stellar play on a season-long basis, advancing 32 players to the ADT Championship, all of whom had a chance to win the $1 million prize.

From there, it became a playoff easy for everyone to understand. After 36 holes, the field was cut to 16 players (and if there were ties for 16th, a sudden-death playoff was held). Then in the third round, they began anew, their 36-hole scores set back to zero. Only the top eight advanced to the fourth and final round, with scores again reverting to zero.

Low score in the final round won. Pretty simple. Pretty exciting, too.
Makes a heck of a lot of sense to me- and actually makes the final weekend what it is- the ultimate "Super Bowl" of golf instead of pretending any of the last 3 events mattered. I'm sure some of you are tired of me harping on this- but it's like Shackelford says, under the current system, Tiger blew away the field and actually lost ground in the FedExCup. At least make it what it is.

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onedollarwed says:
Is everything going to turn into March Moola Madness?
gtakacs says:
This is just a very complicated way of saying that the Tour Championship is so heavily weighed that you better win it to win the FedEx cup. There is really no reset, they still add your previous accumulated points to the final points. But when you can get 2500 points for a single win, which is the exact same amount of points Tiger accumulated throughout the season, it's pretty much anyone's game to win the FedEx cup. It's really easy to see it, I don't understand why they try to confuse you with all the point reset and re-adding etc. etc.
Kickntrue says:
@gtakacs- you're not exactly correct. Tiger has actually earned about 10k points over the course of the season but has been reset 2x. They do not add previously accumulated points to your total.
ayparekh says:
They're pretty much saying "F**k the regular season, Finish 120th or better and see you at the Barclays"
Its only fitting they make it so complicated. Now the rules of golf seems so much simpler. :o)
kidputter says:
Why do they bother with 30 players? Realistically, only a handful of players have a chance to win the CUP. In order for Senden to win, Tiger needs to finish last, and the other top 4 all have to finish below 4th. Pretty unlikely format IMO.
Banker85 says:
Banker85 says:
WELL i guess third time is not always the charm huh PGA tour?
Torleif Sorenson says:
@kidputter and @Kickntrue, you're both on the mark. Obviously with the "playoff" system they're trying to stretch the drama out over a few weeks and maintain visibility at a time when the NFL (and Brett Farvrvre) monopolizes all the TV coverage. We got enough drama on Sunday when Brant Snedeker four-jacked it on 18, sending John Senden to East Lake. (It hurt just watching that; kudos to NBC for not replaying it.)

The former system used at the LPGA's ADT was better than any of the rest. After all, would the Masters Tournament, U.S. Open, et al be more compelling if it were stretched out over two weeks?
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