Is this really Michelle Wie?
Michelle Wie's New Blog Seems Fun
By Kickntrue on 9/16/09
There are links flying around the net to what is being called Michelle Wie's blog. The site focuses on artwork and she's even posted a couple... less than corporate pictures. There is nothing really crazy, but still with all of the talk about how she's controlled by her parents it seems like this wouldn't be acceptable. There is really no way to tell it is her as far as I can see. If anyone wants to volunteer to spend time on the site doing "extensive research" please feel free to let me know what conclusions you've reached.

A couple places certainly think it's her. It's linked on today along with a couple other blogs.

Michelle's Blog?
SportsbyBrooks Says It's Her

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munk24 says:
I first came across it because she put it on her twitter page, Its her
cph2133 says:
she's a heck of an artist that's for sure
munk24 says:
She thanked everybody on Twitter for liking her blog, says she has updated
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