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I'm Trying To Be Happy For This Guy
By Kickntrue on 9/17/09
An ace is rare enough for a golfer, so when someone does it for $1M it's kind of... lucky.
Jason Hargett's shot Tuesday on the 150-yard hole cut in the driving range at Red Ledges golf resort near Heber City was the winner. He hit a nine-iron about 10 feet past the hole and the ball rolled back and in, giving the 35-year-old restaurant manager the $1 million.
So- here's the part I'm still trying to reconcile in my mind. I've been to nice courses with green targets in their driving range before. Those "greens" would never allow a ball to spin back 10 feet! And on a driving range... weird enough to start, but were they using range balls? I don't think I've ever seen a range ball capable of spinning back 10 feet.

I'm actually surprised the hole-in-one insurance company agreed to insure a contest on a practice range. You've got to put the players into the action of the event. Even that little extra pressure makes a big difference. On the range- even if you only get 1 shot- you could be totally warmed up with your 150 club for as many swings as you want.

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greendevil says:
Wow! What luck.
mjaber says:
I'm happy for him. I'd be happier for him of he gave his winnings to me, though.
Golf_O_Matic says:
Couple of things...the driving range at Red Ledges is on a hillside so there is a natural slope back to you plus he was hitting a ProV1 so he could get the spin he needed...it looked like the slope was the main reason it rolled back. Such a great community, course and practice facility...I wonder who the company was that designed the development?
Torleif Sorenson says:
And another nice thing is that because of that USGA rules change, he doesn't have to give up his amateur status.
greendevil says:
Saw the video of this HIO on Sportscenter this morning; it made the top plays of the day.

It was indeed the slope that allowed the ball to roll back into the hole like it did.

You should see the video, the dude went hysterical when the ball went it in.

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