LCD Ad Screen In Golf Bags
By Kickntrue on 9/18/09
Paying to stitch your company's logo on a Pro's golf bag is so 2008. Real golfers rock LCD screens.
Pro Bag Ads is a company installing sun-resistant HD LCD displays into the bags of pro golfers. These LCDs then play advertisements for companies like "19th Hole Wines" during tournamentsGÇöwe assume without soundGÇöwhile the caddies enjoy the extra heft of a TV and batters on a midsummer day.

So far, they've only signed up one guy, 2009 Senior PGA Champion Michael Allen. The chief flaw, beyond the general tackiness, can be seen in the lead shot. Stitched logos appear brighter than that screen.
So- for advertising purposes... I think it's an okay idea. Let's think bigger though- if you're already carrying the LCD screen- how much harder would it be to add an antenna? I know you see where I'm going with this...

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oobscott2 says:
20 years or so after caddyshack, someone finally added a tv to an actual golf bag
i guess now you can also have a USB input and DVD slot to watch a movie too
mjaber says:
I wonder if you could hook the TV up to a web-enabled wireless device and stream the football games on Sunday... Talk about the best of both worlds.
lazorbeam says:
Why is it that we can put an LCD screen in a golf bag, but tournaments still have some one following the players aruond with the scoring signs that have the paper number on it. Why hasn't anyone come up with a digital version of this?
dooboo says:
This is so dumb. If they want to advertise, then use the "special effect" set up.

They should just make the bag "GREEN" like used in special effect back ground set up for movies/tv. Then TV can use that background to put whatever ad they want to put on the bag...instead of this LCD screen.
Kickntrue says:
@dooboo- true- but then everyone in attendance sees an ugly green bag. It's so annoying going to a baseball game and seeing that big ole blank screen behind the plate. Plus- that's stationary- could be a lot tougher with an oddly shaped moving target.
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