Buy Michael Jordan's Used Balls
By Kickntrue on 9/18/09
Man... I never quite get these titles right. Michael Jordan is in the Basketball Hall of Fame now so everything he owns is now worth more or something like that.

Jordan is auctioning off (at the time of this post, it's actually a done deal) a bunch of his golf memorabilia with the proceeds to go to the James Jordan Foundation. Some of the stuff is really pretty cool. A few crazy golf bags including a Gatorade bag that is about the ugliest (and sweetest) thing I've ever seen. Check out the link for the full slideshow of items. Like I said, the auction is over (last night) but let's be honest- you can't afford any of it anyway. If you can... well, it's like I always say; "If you have enough money to buy crap, you've probably been smart enough in earning it to not to" (I've never actual said that before until now, but it seems to make a lot of sense).

Photo Slideshow

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