LPGA's Samsung Takes Center Stage
By Kickntrue on 9/18/09
While the men of the PGA Tour get rest before their big Tour Championship, the women are playing their elite 20 person field Samsung World Championship.

The best 20 players from the LPGA season are facing off this weekend at Torrey Pines. The season's best- Jiyai Shin was tied for the first round lead. Paula Creamer who's had a tough season is the defending champ. This event should get some reasonable coverage though fighting the NFL for airtime is never a fun task but at least it's a week that the men aren't playing. It's all the best players and it's on a great course. Also of note with the event, Amy Mickelson made an appearance on behalf of the Phil and Amy Mickelson Foundation and she looks great!

Samsung World Championship Live Leaderboard
Amy Mickelson Makes Appearance

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Torleif Sorenson says:
Wow - utterly amazing. Na Yeon Choi avoids a complete Jean Van De Velde from seven shots up (and one down), sinks that must-have putt to win for the first time. She's only 21, but how many gray hairs do you oobers think she has now?
KVSmith59 says:
Didn't watch it, but am kinda amazed at how small their purse was. 20th "only" paid around 13k.....not much for the 20th "best" player....
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