Fall golf is so pretty.
Is Golf Season Over?
By Kickntrue on 9/21/09
Are you guys still playing golf or have you slowed down?

This is a funny time of year for golf- on the pro level and I think with amateurs too. All of the excitment of golf season has come and gone, we've either played as much as we'd hoped to or fell short of our expectations. It's pretty much been decided how much improvement or (hopefully not too much) regression our game has made. Still- I find these days to be some of the best to play. The cooling of the weather. The changing of the leaves. Heck- for some of your down south and west- this is just the BEGINNING of golf season.

Still- there is no doubt that the stats show rounds start to decrease this time of year- so what is it? Back to school? Cooler weather? Just worn out? NFL/football season rules?

I'm curious.

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lcgolfer64 says:
I have to say that I really enjoy fall golf (Even in Minnesota, you know where it snows all year round... jk)

There's just something about the falls colors and the smell of leaves in the air. One of my favorite times of the year to golf! I'll play until the clubs are too cold to hang on to.
Hoping to make it 'til about the first week on November.
greendevil says:
I've definitely slowed down my playing recently; mainly because the golf league I was in is over. But also because it seems like a lot of my playing partners slow down their playing around this time as well. I don't like to golf by myself so unless my playing partners are up for golf then I don't go as much.
HotBacon says:
My play has all but stopped already. I would like to get out more, especially now that the weather is perfect, but for one reason or another I can't make it.
perlguy9 says:
Still playing once a week.
mjaber says:
I'm hoping to get out a couple more times, but the weather is starting to turn. I've been travelling a bit more then normal for work, and haven't been able to get out while on the road, either. I might be done for the year.
Tim Horan says:
I am fairly lucky my golf is virtually 52 weeks a year. This time of year is one of my favourites, cooler, softer underfoot, too early for hollow tining and top dressing, most societies have concluded their year leaving our track to the members and the course is recovering from the high season battering very well. We lost one week last winter to snow but that was all. We play in the wind, wet, frost down to about -11 degrees Celsius and sometimes even in the snow (dusting only). We also play twilight golf with tracers and night golf on the par 3 using jelly stick lights and glow insert balls. Do we love our golf? you betcha!
Ward says:
the lack of late daylight is my issue, sneaking in 9 holes after work gets tough when it starts getting dark earlier. I figure maybe 3-4 more weeks of post-work golf
skirchner says:
Are you kidding this is the best time to play. Mainly because everyone else as stopped playing...LOL. And the grass has just about stopped growing at home so more time for golf and less time mowing!!
kingwood hacker says:
The pleasant golf season is just getting started down here in Houston. It's much more enjoyable in the fall through early spring here. We're finally out of the 95 degree 95 percent humidity weather. It will be nice to play without ruining 2 gloves and getting an IV at the turn to stay hydrated.
Beekeeper45 says:
I hate to say but about 4 weeks left. I just started back playing after a 9 year layoff, Im gunna hate to see the snow fly!!!
bducharm says:
Just getting to the nice part of golf season here in Austin TX - HOOK 'EM!!!
mschad says:
Less and less daylight is the reason for less golf for me. Leagues ended end last month and it is getting really tough to get in 9 holes after work. No more 6 - 6:30 tee times on the weekends. I used to be able to get in 18 on a Sat/Sun and be home for breakfast by 9:00..... not now. Looking forward to next year !!
JDoughMO says:
I'll play year round if I can. In Kansas City we get all 4 seasons. Cold snowy winter, pleasant spring, hot humid summer, and fantastic fall weather. Fall golf is one of my favorites. Plus, courses in the area have Sunday afternoon specials to draw people away from the football on TV and get them on the course. Deciding between watching my pathetic hometown team (Chiefs) or golfing isn't a tough choice.
smepple says:
I also enjoy this time of the year. Sure, you have to bundle up some mornings, but the courses empty out and the pace of play becomes much more enjoyable.
KVSmith59 says:
As long as it's not raining too hard here in Sacramento, we can play all year long...only thing that will interfere is the striped bass run that's about to start :)
activesense says:
I am going to try to play at least once a week until the snow says otherwise, or the courses shut down for the winter.
Agustin says:
This is one of the reasons why I love living in Mexico, Golf season in 365 days a year... In fact, the best time for golf is during the winter when it's our dry season and the weather is in the high teens or low 20s CELSIUS :)
ForeKris says:
I live in NYC. Fall golf is my favorite!
ibashdaily says:
This is by far my favorite time to play, and tends to be when I play the most.
Banker85 says:
i'd have to say lack of daylight is my problem. I would go at sunrise 530 or earlier now its not until 645am. But i enjoy the fall the most on cloudy days. Sometimes the glare from the sun makes it hard to find your ball and leaves can be an issue too, but too avoid that just keep it in the short grass!
Trip says:
Back to school. I'm a teacher and September is crazy! I'm hoping to get in a round next week, but this time of year is always tough to get out...
Swingem says:
This is probably my favorite time of year to play. I plan to continue at 3 to 6 rounds per month through the winter. We have a large group from Northern California, Oregon and Washington that takes an annual four day trip, at the end of February, to Bandon Dunes. This year we are planning a Nor Cal vs. Northwest Ryder cup format and the trash talk and preparations are just getting started. No time to let up now.
Virtuaframax says:
i hate fall golf cause the ball is hard to see with all the leaves on the ground... its hard when you hit a fairway, almost impossible when you miss it and end up in the rough!
Matt F says:
I'm still playing once or twice a week. But will stop once the snow flies. Then it's to the heated range once a month to try and keep the swing somewhat grooved.

woobwoob says:
We golf throughout the winter here in TX. Sometimes its a bit breezy in January and February, but it makes us more thankful when the weather finally warms up and the wind is less than 20-30 mph.
Lee Kuehner says:
I've slowed down but not by choice. In Dallas/Ft.worth It has rained everyday since the September 4th and the area courses are alomst playable again. Unfortunately for golf the forcast tonight is 90% chance of rain, strong winds in excess of 70MPH and hail. I normally play 5 to 6 days a week and this is a LONG strech without hitting the links.
Bryan K says:
I'm still golfing as much as ever, though I suspect the season is definitely winding down. I really hate fall golf. In fact, I'm going to say it's my least favorite time of the year. There is way too much visual distraction when looking for errant balls. However, I just love the game too much to quit early at the end of the year when it seems like everything is starting to come full circle. Yes, I'm going to lose more balls over the next couple of weeks, but I'm hoping to have a good dozen rounds left by the time the snow flies.
Bernie Duffer says:
Tallahassee, Florida...played almost every day in the heat and now the weather is improving. I think I'll play almost every day.
Steveberrywv says:
Golf season over? No way, here in Pinehurst can play all 12 months. You gotta love the "Sandhills Area"
M.Nugent says:
Massachusetts: Still playing every day for my school team, but our season ends in mid-october due to possible snow and it getting dark far too early
xrayg1971 says:
i love this time of year .. colors .. cool weather ... put an extra layer on and its on ... also , i alwas seem to find somthing in my game that gets better at this time of yera .. just wish i could carry it over to next year lol
jrbizzle says:
Definitely slowing down. Practicing a little more (end of year fixes/flaws). getting ready to head "up north" and take advantage of the great fall rates for Michigan's Gaylord golf mecca.
milspank says:
I'm still playing, This is one my favorite times of the year. I'll keep on playing until the cold weather starts moving in.
turk944 says:
I like playing in the fall. My wife and I just had our first baby, so this fall is out, but I still enjoy the weather/colors
oobscott2 says:
i live in blacksburg, va. The weather is good here almost all year, so ill play on weekends for sure. Getting too dark to play 9 after work though. Good reason to practice on the driving range instead
Question for others here: On weekends this time of year, what time of the day do you like to play? I like to play at like 12 or later because here it is cold and very wet in the morning, and lots of fog early too.
Mr_X says:
In Chicago the courses are definitely less crowded in the fall. Personally, I have more 2 days of 36 holes scheduled in the next 10 days. I also have a three day golf trip to Michigan to enjoy. I love golfing in the fall. Yes, the ball does not travel as far and we have pay close attention to where it lands because of leaves. It's all part of the game.
Les Page says:
Always play Tue/Thur/Sun unless it rains or is below 45 degrees. 90% of Tee Times are before 9 am. I have a brother in Roanoke, VA and try to visit for a couple of rounds in October. It is just too scenic out not to. It does get tough for several weeks here while all of the courses are aerating and sanding.
bmimran says:
I play year round in AZ!!!
Macbirdie says:
Is your season over? It depends on whether you are a golfer or someone who plays golf. I consider myself a golfer, because I look for any opportunity to play. I'm like the mailman because neither rain, nor sleet, well maybe snow, can stop me from getting his appointed rounds or even a few holes. I play year round in New Jersey, which can be tough, but if I want to play, I will usually find a way to play. For those of you who just play golf, your season is over, you have played your half dozen or so rounds this year and the clubs are safety tucked away in the garage. See you next summer, but you sure are missing a lot of great golfing opportunities this fall, winter, spring.
edditude says:
The course I play at is supposed to close at the end of October or when bad weather shuts it down. I hope I have a dozen rounds left this fall. I may attempt a trip into the south to play in Kentucky, Tennessee or Alabama. But then I may wait out the winter to get my membership renewed...
Wazzuski says:
Not yet. Until the rain is coming down sideways, I'm good to go. So I should be safe for another 6-5 weeks.
wrhall02 says:
I think it depends mostly on location. Those of us in areas that can golf all year long, this is the best time to golf!

In most of Mexico, the winter is high season and the summer is low season. The low season discounts usually expire in November...so this is a great time to golf in Mexico.
Barroomhero says:
Looking forward to my first time fall golfing here in Michigan ( this being my first year playing ever). The problems going to be dividing my time between golf and hunting season, while avoiding a divorce.
blackhawk says:
I play year round here in CA. This time of year I play courses in the canyons now that the temps wont be in the 90's. I'm also planning to play a few new courses in the next 6 months.
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