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By Kickntrue on 9/21/09
Golf season doesn't HAVE to be over. While a lot of my stroke play does seem to cut back with the shorter days of fall, it does seem to be when I get a lot of tourney golf in.

We have a tournament database on oobgolf that you can add and find events on. For instance- on October 11th, you can play in the 1st Annual Columbus Weekend Outing being hosted by www.par5concierge.com. I have it on good faith that at this point it's mostly all oobers- so anyone in the NYC area looking for some fun and new friends may want to check that out.

Like many things on oob (courses, equipment, etc) it's a database that you can create new items for so if you don't see an event close to you- add one. It doesn't have to be a "tournament" to be an outing.

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Banker85 says:
I am in NW indiana chicagoland area if any one knows of any tourneys in the area please let me know would like to showcase some of the skills I sharpened over the summer.
C-4 says:
Any in the bloomington, mn or the aurora, il area?
mjaber says:
There are a bunch of year-end tournaments going on at the executive par 3 in Middleton, MA. Mostly scrambles, but some interesting "bonus" rules.

ForeKris says:
Please let me know if you are interested in playing at NY Country Club on October 11th. I've got a bunch of slots left. Just so you all know, I organized a $20 discount. The green fees are usually $140. I am not getting any money for this. I'm just trying to get a group of people together.
jericho730 says:
Ok, I just added 2 tournaments that I plan on playing in to the database. However I did find a flaw. What do you do if itGÇÖs a multi day tournament and each day is beign held at a different course? It only lets you select one course.
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