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Worst Criminal Ever
By Kickntrue on 9/22/09
Here's a tip for any aspiring criminals reading this blog- make sure you take the loot. Someone broke into the Mountain View Golf Course clubhouse in Utah yesterday, but didn't take anything.
The man looked through an office and was at the cash register when he heard the alarm go off and ran out the door, Sanders [policeman] said. The man had been in the clubhouse about four minutes when he fled empty-handed. Surveillance video showed he was driving a GMC pickup truck, either black or dark green, equipped with silver running boards.
So now... you're going to get caught anyway, because they have your plates, and you didn't even get to enjoy the $29 in the register. That could have been ... 29 slim jims, or ... a nice meal at Applebees.

Also- since I've already stooped to giving tips to criminals; avoid the golf courses. When is the last time you've seen a golf course with money? A nice course is going to accept 95% credit card transactions or more- and anyone collecting cash is going to put it in a safe or take it to the bank nightly. If the course is worse than that... you probably would have better luck robbing a 12 year old on the way home from school. At least he may have some lunch money left over.

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mjaber says:
If you're going to break in to a golf course, shouldn't you grab the equipment out of the clubhouse? It's probably worth more than what's in the register, even if you only .50 on the dollar at a 2nd hand shop...
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