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Smoking Ban On Golf Courses
By Kickntrue on 9/22/09
I'm not a smoker- so the idea of banning smoking is kind of appealing, until you really start thinking about what government can do.
The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors today might snuff out smoking at its parks and golf courses, such as Marshall Canyon Golf Course in La Verne, San Dimas Canyon Golf Course and Bonelli Regional Park in San Dimas.

The board is expected to vote today on a proposed ordinance that would ban smoking in county parks, beaches and other public places. The proposal also includes county facilities managed by contractors, such as public golf courses.
The article does go on to talk about the fact that it probably won't be in open spaces (holes while playing) but for any area where the public can mingle, like the practice greens and driving range.

Like I said, I don't smoke and really can't stand the smell of smoking. My county has banned all smoking in public places and when I do go into a restaurant that allows it- my eyes waterup and I choke on the stale air. Still- if government can do this to smoking, just think where else they can apply these "public safety" laws. How long before it's decided that driving a car CAN result in an accident, so we'll only be allowed to be driven around by professional drivers? (Actually, that sounds nice.) How long until they decide that we aren't responsible enough to handle our own money so they take all of it in the form of taxes and "invest" it for us at a nifty 1%? How long until the government decides to take over our health care system ...? (Oh!)

Of course, all this really proves is, California can do anything it wants. It really is a separate country and we should start treating it as such.

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Beekeeper45 says:
Wow, It wont be long and we will be saying goodbye to all our freedoms, the ones we have left. I dont smoke, but some of the Veterans I golf with do, it doesnt bother me if they do!! Give the Government an inch and they will take a mile. There is an option, VOTE!!!
mjaber says:
Wasn't this brought up @ Torrey Pines last year during the US Open? I thought they had to get "special permission" for golfers inside the ropes to allow them to smoke during the tournament.
KVSmith59 says:
we've had smoking bans out here forever. There are several beaches now that are non-smoking. One of the big issues isn't so much the second hand smoke, but the butts thrown on the ground by the smokers. I smoke, but I pocket all of my butts...unfortunately some of my fellow smokers aren't very considerate of others. Beekeeper is right, give em an inch and they take a mile. That's the problem with big government. They know what's right for you and you don't. It's only going to get worse with a democrat sitting in the big chair (no offense to you demos).
colinw says:
Wow. The last part of that column had about as much to do with the topic at hand as, well...nothing really. Sounds like someone just felt a little paraniod. Nothing like a little needless politics mixed in to the golf talk. And since you brought it up, you might want to educate yourself a little on the current healthcare debate, before simplifying it so erroneously.
Bryan K says:
I agree with KVSmith59 that, for me, the issue with smoking outdoors has more to do with the disposal of cigarette butts than anything else. I'm a former smoker, and when indoors, secondhand smoke causes me some pretty severe health issues. However, when I'm out in the open where second hand smoke doesn't have a chance to get stale before it dissapates, I actually love the smell.

Just dispose of your butts properly, people.
activesense says:
I am a smoker, and I smoke on the course, usually only when hunting for lost balls. A cigarette takes a little less then 5 mins, so if I don't find the ball before I am burning filter then the ball is lost for good.
I usually don't have time between shots for a smoke so on good days, I can go a whole round without a cigarette.
When I do smoke on the course, the butts are always extinguished and put in a glad bag and disposed of in the trash can at the next tee-box.
As mentioned above, the only issue I have with smoking on the course is that not everyone takes the time to keep the course clean of butts.
JuKu says:
When Finladn ban smoking in public places, the heart attack rate went down 36% in two years(!). You can't deny it, passive smoking kills. I'm all for freedom, but that doesn't include your right to kill me.
Matt Otskey says:
If this was Facebook, I would "like" colinw's post.

(I guess you'll only understand if you use Facebook)

cpballast says:
Banning smoking in public caused the heart attack rate to drop 36% that is INCREDIBLE! Just think how it would drop if they banned fried foods and alcohol.
Matt Otskey says:
Ok, I'm going to have to "like" cpballast's post as well
ipv6freely says:
Sounds good to me.
rricker81 says:
No smoking on the golf course, and soon no drinking an no talking... may have to take up fishing.
TWUES17 says:
I'd like to see them enforce this. Rangers can't even enforce pace of play, and you expect them to drive around the course looking for people hacking butts? When pigs fly.
cheymike says:
The thing is... they WILL drive around the course looking for people hacking butts. Just because they will be able to join the "fanatics with a cause" club.
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