This Makes Sense...
By Kickntrue on 9/22/09
The USGA has announced that you can locally qualify for the 2010 US Open with old grooves, then will have to switch if you make it to sectionals.

Sure- why not? Nothing like having a set of rules... and then slowly changing all of them. By the time 2010 rolls around- they'll probably be talking about allowing my favorite club, the Hand Wedge.

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TWUES17 says:
I prefer the foot wedge. Must more consistent and infinitely less obvious.
kingwood hacker says:
I have an adidas wedge and a nike wedge. I usually play whichever one matches my hat and belt that day.

On a serious note, why can't they just change the rules all at once? If you're going to outlaw sharp edged grooves, then do it like taking off a bandaid. The way they are doing it now, it's way confusing.

All that being said, this doesn't really affect the average guy like me anyways, because I don't see myself with my 17 handicap trying to qualify for any USGA events.
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