Stewart Cink's Claret Jug Stolen
By Kickntrue on 9/24/09
British Open Champ Stewart Cink wanted to give back to East Lake and display his Claret Jug... then it was stolen. Cink actually thought the PGA Tour officials took it to show off/clean/etc and later found out they hadn't.

Okay- now the part that ruins the story. It was all a practical joke, and apparently Padraig Harrington is pretty well known for such things so it didn't take Cink too much Nancy Drew investigating to track it down.
GÇ£Harrington, I guess, he only had it for two years, so he wanted to have it just a little bit longer, so he decided to take it from me,GÇÖGÇÖ Cink joked. GÇ£IGÇÖve only had it for two months, but if he wants to borrow it, IGÇÖll allow him to borrow it.GÇÖGÇÖ
Decent joke- but frankly, it would've been a better story if it was truly jacked. I wonder what a jug is worth on the black market? If I ever gain possession of such an item I know what I'd do- I'd just use it. That's it. Think about it- moving it or selling it or really anything you try to do will eventually get you caught- even displaying it. So what you do- is just use it- for watering your plants for serving orange juice at Sunday brunch, for flowers- anything really.

Oh yah- some big golf tournament starts today. One of the last chances of the season to see Tiger Woods and the rest of his dominion play meaningful golf in 2009. My last rant against the FedExCup (ya right!) - If Tiger Woods (or any other player) had won the previous 3 events, or in fantasy land every single event in 2009... he'd still only have the same lead as he does today and every player in the top 10 would have a good shot at winning the $10M.

Full Story - Jug Stolen

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