This would do 20mph for sure.
70 Mile Golf Cart Joy Ride
By Kickntrue on 9/24/09
So- you steal a golf cart and drive it 70 miles on the highway. What are the chances you were drunk? In this case- very good. Actually, I can't think of an instance where this would/could happen where you wouldn't be blitzed out of your mind. Beyond just stealing the cart which is probably at least a crime you could overcome- you at least need to be smart enough to keep it on less-traveled back roads. I'm pretty sure even one of those Smart Cars beats a golf cart.
Robert Watt, 21, and Mark Gillespie, 25, both from Dumfries, were spotted at about 2335 BST on 10 June in the buggy on the A77 near Portpatrick, in south west Scotland.

Police were contacted and the pair were eventually stopped about an hour later on the A75, having traveled about 15 miles to Dervaird near Glenluce.

Gillespie was driving the buggy and was almost three times over the drink limit.

The vehicle had also been traveling without using lights.
15 mph? Where is the ingenuity? They should have at least been smart enough in their drunkenness to mess with the governor and speed that baby up.

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Ward says:
can they go that far on one tank? I think the story's even better if they had to stop and refuel
greendevil says:
Funny story; I like the use of the word "buggy". I don't know why but calling it a "golf buggy" makes me laugh.
activesense says:
It's another British term, that American culture has not adopted. Stroller = pushchair for example. I do find it amusing though, it conjures images of a dune buggy in my mind.
Tim Horan says:
Cart sums up the idea of "dust cart"/ "garbage cart". Cart doesn't do it for us Brits. Dune buggies are fun and so is golf...buggies it is! get with the program!
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