That's One Way To Go
By Kickntrue on 9/24/09
Dying while doing something you love has to be one of the better ways to go. I just hope for me that isn't while diving for soggy golf balls in a course's pond.
Jerry Gunderson, whose passion for diving for golf balls led to the founding of a chain of seven golf-supply stores, was found dead in the center of the lake at the Deer Creek Country Club in Deerfield Beach, Fla., on Saturday.

Gunderson, who was wearing scuba gear, drowned, officials said.

One of his sons died while diving for golf balls in a lake 27 years ago.
I guess that's what you call a family business to die for.

/too soon?

You hear stories of fathers and sons dying in the same profession but usually it's something more heroic like firefighting or in the Service. I guess I didn't realize diving for golf balls was that dangerous outside of avoiding gators in applicable areas. Of course I've only ever been about 6 feet under water before thanks to my stupid ears.

Umm.. while we're on the subject- besides the obvious answer for every male with a pulse, how do you want to kick the bucket? I've always thought skydiving without a working shoot would be unique. It'd be headline news on the local level which is kind of cool. Also you'd have the thrill of the free fall- but also just enough time to contemplate what has been.

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Banker85 says:
how does one drown with scuba gear on? id wanna go in my sleep. boring, yeah but sounds peaceful.
activesense says:
I am not planning on dying until I can shoot my age on the course. I am 36 now and I reckon I am going to be in my 90's when it happens. After that I don't care how I go.
Swingem says:
Wow! I wonder if we'll see this turned into a "most dangerous" series on the Discovery Channel. In my younger years I was an avid rock climber and mountaineer and still have a passionate love for the wilderness. I gave up climbing not long after I had kids. An honest questioning of self answered that the stakes were too high. I still havn't sold my gear though and still enjoy backpacking and skiing in the backcountry. My ideal vision of passing is to wander off into the mountains, as was the tradition of some indian tribes, when I am aged enough to have had a full life, and still sound enough in mind and body to make the journey on my own terms.
Jsoeken says:
Well lets see I have done many dumb things and survived so I think the safest thing I could do will prolly get me killed. So I will continue to live as close to the edge as I can.
beisenhauer says:
I want to die of a shock-induced heart attack after making a hole-in-one on my 100th birthday. Doesn't seem too much to ask.
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