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It is actually possible to give this up.
Quitting Golf
By Kickntrue on 9/25/09
What's the longest you've purposely given up the game- to clear your head or to just get rid of the hassle? I say "purposely" because I don't mean the long winter, but instead a decided effort to do something else with your time instead.

For me- I started playing when I was 13 or so up until college. Through college I basically quit for 5 years (did college in 3 1/2, thank you very much) to play around and do other things. In that time I pretended I could be a bass guitarist, a front office worker for a Major League Baseball team and an all-around ladies' man (Actually... with this I failed miserably. I met my wife on the first day of college as a freshman and 6 months later we were dating. Have never looked* at another woman since).

Enough about me... what about you guys? I know someone out there has gotten frustrated or tired and just let it go for awhile. Probably just as interesting is what brought you back.

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MJKern44 says:
I've definetely have thought about it at times in the past but I would go 2 days saying I'm done with golf and then someone would call with a tee time and I was back on the bus. It's kind of like drinking, never gone drink again the morning after but damn right there is a beer in my hand the same day!
windowsurfer says:
From a peak of 80 games a year down to one or two "client golf" outings. Used to live next to course and could write-off golf. Bought a cottage - changing weekends drastically - and sold business (no more expensing golf fees). Took up windsurfing. Golf and me split, amicably. Renaissance: moved to place with 12-month golf and 10 nice courses within 15 miles. I am totally reborn and plan to get better than i was before, despite 15-year hiatus. Wish golf was cheaper - look forward to senior rates!
activesense says:
Quit golf??? I have only just discovered it. Ask me next season.
Banker85 says:
i played in high school and loved it but then after mom and dad stopped paying for the rounds i didnt play for about 6 years. now i dont see myself ever stopping EVER!
greendevil says:
I gave up golf for one week this year. I just started my first season in a golf league and was playing poorly (shot a 49 & 48 in back to back weeks); I told myself that I needed to keep my mind off golf until my match the next week. I had the week to reset and have been pretty happy with the way I've played since.

Although, with the way I'm hitting my driver now, taking the winter off from golf will be a good chance to forget the bad swing habits I've picked up recently.
mjaber says:
About 4 months every year. November, December, January and February.
bducharm says:
I actually laid down the clubs for about 5 years. I was playing softball during my Air Force days and golf just didn't fit into the equation. Once I "retired" from softball, golf all of a sudden appeared again!!!
joepro23 says:
Quitting? That's blasphemy! I'm only 23 though, so I guess it could happen at some point in the future. Then again, I have gone 16 years strong so far, why stop now? I will say the winter in the northeast allow a nice break, which is definitely good for the game every once in awhile. I will probably be that guy who is 70 years old telling everyone about his hole-in-one 50 years ago and how good he used to be.
mantajim says:
I gave up golf when I headed to collage. I was never very good, mid to upper 80's was the best I could do and I would have to start paying, so I gave it up. I picked it up again, 2 years ago, about 38 years in between. Now I've got a 7.1 index. It sure feels good to be able to beat that smart-ass punk I use to be.
jbird899 says:
I have a similar history. Started at 12, finished college in 3 1/2 years, and i still played whenever i could. Chipping balls down dorm room hallways, putting in small areas, i will never quit. EVER!!!!!
falcon50driver says:
I quit back in July when I realized how much time I was wasting on something that was so insignifcant. I may still play a round or two if I'm out on a trip and there's absolutely nothing else to do. I kicked the habit just like I quit smoking cigarettes several years ago, I was beginningto light up, stopped and threw it out of my car window, reached in my pocket and threw the half pack of Kools out the window, then tossed out my brand new Zippo too. I don't throw litter anymore either.
Clint24 says:
I quit for what was supposed to be about 2 weeks after HS County Tournament in April, but it turned out to be about a month. Right now I've been out for about 2 months with back pain (infected disk) and its really killing me. I want to golf so bad right now. WAR EAGLE
stoneyblues says:
I put my sticks away from 1995 to 2007. I wasnt playing a whole lot and playing poorly when I quit. Thanks to new equipment and a drive to improve I think I'll make it back to a low single digit handicap by next year. I've flirted with it all year but never got consistent enough to get down there. My boys play with me so I got to stay a step ahead of them.
Jsoeken says:
I quit in 2002 and did not pick up a club till the end of 2008 and play every chance I get now just to get away from the roommate and her kids.
Beekeeper45 says:
I put my clubs away in Oct. 2000, my Dad and golfing mentor passed away in Dec. of 2000, I did just start playing again in August of this year when my son said he was going to join the golf team. It renewed my passion for the game again.
windmedia says:
1993-2008 Added about 1.5 stroked per year off to handicap, but now I enjoy golf and love golfing with my son and friends.
jrbizzle says:
Started playing as a young kid and slowed down a bit in college. Then played a lot when I first got a job out of state and had no friends and a lot of spare time. Slowed down again as I moved "back home" and was busy getting engaged, married, looking for a house, etc. A few friends picked up the game a few years ago, and trying to give them pointers kind of spurred me up once more. Really dedicated myself to the game like never before and dropped a good 5 or 6 strokes off my handicap and broke 90 for the first time ever this year. Free driving range down the road (comes with the home ownership) really helps.
trikai says:
I have quit at least 7 times. I started playing regularly about 5 months ago. I will probably quit tomorrow.
Jesten Tice says:
I JUST came off of a break, so these thoughts are still pretty fresh in my mind. I stopped for the last 8 or 9 months or so, starting up again just a week and a half ago. I skipped summer of this year entirely. I could have made time for it, but I didn't. My girlfriend and faithful golf partner and I simply did other things: we skied, rode bikes at the beach, raced cars (autox, track, etc), partied, and so on. Had a good time overall. I am on an email list called "the rules of golf" by Andy Brown. The emails stopped a while ago as the author only had about 100 daily emails lined up for his readers. After the end of that, the emails randomly come in as he comes up with new rule scenarios for us. I was reading one of these one day and the feeling came back! All those great shots I have made amongst MANY bad ones: long straight drives, 20 ft putts, birdies, getting up and down from 150+ yards, etc, just hit me and brought a smile to my face and reminded me what I love about golf.
Tim Horan says:
All but gave up golf for 20 years...kids, archery and DIY around the house. Re-discovered love of golf 7 years ago and now play at least once a week. My wife started playing golf 3 yrs ago...Great for me, I get to play with the boys on the Saturday and with the girls on Sundays.
helfon says:
Same as a few above. I played in high school. All but quit in college(1-2 rounds a year) Then 3-4 years out of college I was at a new client and they were next to a golf course. I decided to play 9 after work one day after seeing oobgolf advertised and thought stat tracking would be fun. Something clicked again and it was back on to playing as much as free time will allow.
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