Acushnet Gets The Bad Guys
By Kickntrue on 9/25/09
Titleist's parent company, Acushnet, helped stop an Ebay counterfitting ring costing industry manufacturers millions.
GÇ£This is an historic case not only for the golf manufacturers, but for all brand owners who must combat the increasing global problem of online counterfeit products,GÇ¥ said Lisa Rogan, Acushnet Company Trademark Manager. GÇ£The sale of fake and unauthorized golf products damages the reputation of our brands and impacts our customers around the world. We have a worldwide team of associates who aggressively attack this growing issue, and we will continue our vigilant commitment to protect our brands and customers by continuously monitoring internet sales and websites.GÇ¥

Over the past several years, Acushnet has alerted federal and local authorities around the globe about counterfeits and the unauthorized sale of Acushnet branded products, resulting in dozens of arrests and convictions, as well as the removal of millions of dollars worth of counterfeit product from commerce.
Usually this is where I'd say something snarky about how a big company smashed an small company, but in this case it's really a good thing and a huge deal. I don't care so much that Titleist may be losing sales but to rob the consumer of what they think is a genuine product is terrible- especially at thost prices. It's funny- I don't really feel bad for companies like Coach or Dolce and Gabbana- I mean, it's a purse. A knockoff is still going to hold your money and cell phone (plus paying as much as some people do for these is 100% status). Golf equipment has a lot of technology and having someone pay for something that is just molded the same is a terrible injustice.


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cheymike says:
Bravo to Acushnet. Thanks for being alert to what is happening and nailing these guys.
Banker85 says:
i have bought some titleist clubs on ebay recently hope they are not "fake" i wonder how i can verify? i know there are serial numbers on the club. maybe i should check it out.
greendevil says:
Man, it would suck to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for "knock-offs". Glad I haven't purchased anything Titleist.
Kickntrue says:
@everyone.. this isn't just Titleist. They pushed to help find these guys- but it could be any brand.
Bryan K says:
Does this mean that the price of used ProV balls is about to go up?
onedollarwed says:
I know that with counterfit clothes and accessories - a rampant "industry" unto itself - there is very little punative force. There are few if any enforcers, and very mild penalties. I wonder how many making the laws/ enforcing the laws have wives making millions with the stuff. What I'm saying is, it probably wasn't easy. While you're at it, play a round in Acushnet MA at Acushnet River Valley - one of my favorite courses. Very affordable, great condition. Highly reccomended!
Shankapotamus says:
I bought counterfeit AP2s off ebay. I was reimbursed my money for the clubs and my shipping expense for sending them back. The clubs were listed as brand new AP2s with stock length, lie, shaft, and grips but the grips had the Titleist logo facing up (rather than down which is how all Titleist stock grips are place on clubs) and the shafts were Project X 5.5 flighted but Titleist does not put flighted shafts on the stock AP2s. As for the heads, they were good fakes but you could spot the differences when you held a club up right next to real AP2. I notified ebay and the seller is no longer registered w/ ebay so I would like to think I had something to do with it and maybe even the story above. Be careful guys, this seller had positive feedback on over 100 items sold (primarily golf clubs).
Shankapotamus says:
I should also say that despite the bad experience, I bought another set of authentic AP2s from another ebay seller and am very pleased. There are reputable sellers out there.

@jessehunt85- You can call Titleist and give them the serial numbers but a good counterfeiter will go to a golf shop and wright down the serial number from a valid set of clubs so the numbers will check out when you call them in.

@Kickntrue- You are correct, the seller I purchased from had sold other brands including Callaway X-22s. The fact that they had positive feedback selling multiple brands is part of what made me originally think they were legit.
Banker85 says:
@ shank: ya my grip on my hybrid is facing down so that one is fine, im not too worried about the 4W but the shaft is suppose to be stiff (dynamic gold S300 steel) but it feels very whippy. but i cant complain about how solid it flies 220+ str8.
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