almostGolf Wants Your Videos
By Kickntrue on 9/25/09
This seems to be a slower time of year to play a full round of golf- so take some buddies out to the backyard- and shoot a video for an almostGolf contest. almostGolf balls are practice balls that fly further and are a little heavier than traditional practice balls. Instead of being fluffy whiffle balls, they actually strike the club clean and give a true indication of ball flight. almostGolf also has aspirations for their ball to be used as a "play anywhere" alternative. Because they won't cause damage and because they don't fly as far as a real ball, you really can hit them about anywhere.

So- get out your camcorder and show of your skills. Winners will be picked based on creativity and the prizes include a flip minoHD camera and an iPod Nano.

College kids- unite! This is a gimme for you guys. What else are you going to do this afternoon?

Full Rules and Info

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PGA Tour Driven says:
This is perfect!!! With not enough money to play real golf, i'll just play almost golf. Time to win a camera.
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