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By Kickntrue on 9/25/09
I've done a lot of complaining (and hold to it) but one thing is for sure- the FedExCup is going to come down to late afternoon Sunday. Four of the top 5 going into the weekend would have a very good chance of winning the FedExCup with a victory at the Tour Championship at East Lake in Atlanta. Tee times for round 3 have been moved up because of storms coming in tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be a good day to watch since the Penn State game doesn't start until 8pm EST. Huh? You're not a PSU fan? Why not?

Oh- Tiger is winning. I almost left that part out- figured it was assumed.


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greendevil says:
Wow! That sure was a good game between PSU and Iowa last night. I'm sure you don't think it was that good of a game though. What a heart breaker for PSU fans.
greendevil says:
But yeah, Sunday's Fedex Cup play will be fun to watch. I'm interested to see how Tiger plays from behind and whether Kenny Perry can keep the lead.
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