PGA Tour Wins FedExCup
By Kickntrue on 9/27/09
The PGA Tour got it's dream Tour Championship/FedExCup Final with both Tiger and Phil Mickelson winning.

Tiger, who was the best player in 2009 won the "season-long" tournament. Phil Mickelson finished the last big individual event of the year with a win and promising hope for 2010. There was no doubt Mickelson was the best player this weekend- especially from Friday to Sunday. Once Phil cleared the field early on Sunday it was never really in doubt.

The FedExCup standings did change a couple times during the round Sunday adding some additional intrigue. Unfortunately, Kenny Perry, Steve Stricker and Sean O'Hair all faltered at different times making the Cup Tiger's (and the $10M).

Did anyone else notice Phil's little jab disguised by humor when asked about the FedExCup? He said something about "doing the math" and wondering how he won the Tour Championship but Tiger wins a $10M check. He said it as a joke- but you could tell he was being a little serious, which to me, is the joke. Did he really think he should be the winner of the whole thing with his 2009 season? Regardless of the complaints in the scoring system, the PGA Tour is clear it's supposed to be a season long event. I'm just not sure how Mickelson thinks he should win it- unless he wants it to be a "Super Bowl" event (which would be awesome, but is not what the FedExCup is). Still- for his effort, Phil will take home a nice check for winning the Tour Championship and then an addition $3M for finishing 2nd in the FedExCup race.

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erickbelus says:
I think the jab is at the system. In a real playoff, the champion of the final event wins the prize. That's how it works in every other playoff. I think calling it the playoffs is laughable. I like the idea of the FedEx cup, but the last 4 events are not playoff events.
Mr. Black says:
i think the fedex cup should simply be played out over the season. I think it is ridiculous that tiger can win 6 times during the season and still not win the fedex cup (even though he did). the end of the fedex cup should be presented at the pga championship.
greendevil says:
Congrats to both Tiger and Phil. It was so nice to see Phil playing well again; it's been awhile.
Banker85 says:
It was fun too watch i liked seeing the different possibilites unfold i mean for a while i wasnt sure if tiger was going to win the fedex cup. I agree it really shouldnt be called playoffs. ya and back to Phil's comment there is no way he really meant that. plus the extra 3 mil im sure made up for it. for these guys im not sure 3 mil or 10 mil really makes that much of a difference.
C-4 says:
Its the bcs....very exciting but makes no sense...the controversy brings a lot of
attention to fed ex...must be nice that they are cutting hours and cryin broke, but they can shell out a cool 10 the people who are bringing the money in....all of the little worker bee's
jrbizzle says:
The shot by Phil is a shot at the "playoffs" in general. Phil is saying whaty most golfers won't. The big names want to pretty much shut it down after the PGA Championship and come back for the Tour Championship for one last stab ata big purse. The PGA (nor their sponsors) wasn't ahppy with the lack of attendance from the PGA Champ to the Tour Champ and came up with the whole FedEx Cup sponsorship which pretty much forces the big names to play those meaningless September events in order to get a shot at the payout.

The tour guys don't want their season extended, plain and simple. They play because they pretty much have to, or else risk a shot at the Tour and public scrutiny. Ever notice how the PGA tour does daily updates as to who is/isn't playing the BMW? They never do that for some other random event in July or June.
Bones269 says:
Steve Stricker should have finished second in the FedEx Cup rankings so Phil doesn't have any reason to complain. He was the beneficiary this time. Phil had 3 wins with only 7 top 10's out of 18 tournaments entered. Stricker had 3 wins with 11 top 10's out of 22 tournaments entered. Stricker's scoring average was 69.5 to Phil's 70.8. On top of that Stricker also won a playoff event. The math is definitely wrong because Phil doesn't even deserve his 2nd place finish.
Backquak says:
If its going to be a season long pay -out the there should be no point adjustment, and they should call it the Player/Champion of the Year, the play-offs system suggests that anyone has a chance at the cup, if thats the case the final event should determine the Champion, and here I go again, make it a match-play tournament.
Shankapotamus says:
Going in, I thought it would be awkward if the final pairing on Sunday didn't contain two players in the top five in the FedEx Cup standings (so that they would be head to head for both the tournament and the Cup) which is what happened. It worked out for them because Phil that came from the back of the pack (in FedEx Cup points) to win the Tour Championship but if it would have been some other random guy (let's say John Senden for the sake of the example), everyone would be talking about a horrible finish instead of the nice Tiger/Phil story.
erickbelus says:
I'm with Backquack. If you want to call it a playoff, make it match play. Even a skin game would work with your fedex cup points as the currency. However, that format might not be fair with Fred Couples in the field. The whole deal as it stands smells like BCS to me.
cjgiant says:
I liked the system this year. You're not playing a game that really lends itself to a playoff (unless you want to pair on-on-one matches). And as jrossbeck said, it's a PGA made up thing to keep tour pros coming in to keep viewer interest high. And as far as I can tell, it's worked.

Tiger makes enough money, he could skip the "playoffs" and simply treat the last tournament as it once was. However, enough top-tier players I think would show up for a shot at $10 million.

And insofar as who deserves what, I kind of liked this year's system. You can move up considerably in the final tourneys. For all those that lost to GMU on their run to the final four, do they deserve a spot because they had better "regular season"? So, Stricker probably deserves more recognition in the player-of-the-year voting, but I think Phil deserved to move up appropriately for winning at the right time. But that's just my opinion.
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