Not letting anything stop him!
Ken Green Will Inspire You
By Kickntrue on 9/29/09
It's hard to feel bad for yourself and how tired and ragged you've been running yourself when you consider Ken Green lost a leg- and is still planning on golfing on the Senior Tour come Spring.
Green, 51, had his lower right leg amputated after a recreational-vehicle accident in June that killed his brother and girlfriend. He said Monday he hopes to be back on the Tour by April.


Green said he doesn't remember the accident, just waking up in the hospital. He said doctors told him they might be able save his leg, but that it would never function properly.

"I told them to cut it off, because that was my only chance," he said. "I wouldn't have been able to swing properly with that leg the way it was."
Honestly, I'm surprised he can even think about golf. Being the only survivor of a horrific accident would be enough to put me on the self-pity shelf for a good 10 years. We can learn something from Green, and let him inspire us. Sure makes me complaining about having to get out of bed in the middle of the night to sooth my kid seem like a pretty lame excuse to not get off my butt to do something the next day.

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greendevil says:
Yeah, I read this story in either Golf Magazine or Golf Digest. It is a very sad story and hopefully Ken will be able to play Champions Tour golf as he is striving to do. I could not imagine how I would handle losing both a girlfriend and a brother. I don't know if my mind would be in the right place for competitive golf.

I'm sure he has a tough road ahead.
Patrick McKay says:
I am sure that competitive golf is the only thing he has to wake up for at the moment
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