Guess That Worked
By Kickntrue on 9/29/09
For whatever you want to say about the FedExCup (seriously, we'll stop talking about it soon) but it worked- the ratings doubled from last year.

So- was it that the final round actually mattered (remember last year it was already decided), or was it just because that guy... whatshisname- ah, Eldrick Tont played this year?


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mjaber says:
It manufactured drama. It wasn't Tom Watson/British Open drama, becasue it was manufactured, but it was dramatic. Could Phil pull out the win? Would Tiger score enough to get the Cup?
greendevil says:
Yeah, I agree that it worked. I actually watched all four events this year, but only 2 or 3 last year.
notyourdata says:
It could also be that more people have gotten into golf this season as well as the availability of watching the FedEx cup via iPhone or other devices.
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