Is Pebble worth the price?
How Much Is Too Much For Golf?
By Kickntrue on 9/30/09
I'm at a resort this week with my wife (working... I swear) and there is a golf course on-site that costs $225 per round. The course has some history and is in a great location (West Palm Beach, Florida), but at some point, isn't 350 yards still just 350 yards?

At what point for you do you just bow out because a course costs too much? I know there are exceptions for most people like a Pebble Beach (though I'm still not sure I'd pay $500+), but in general I feel like you can get on a great golf course for $75-$100 and after that you're just throwing away your dough. Heck- I'd argue that I'd rather play 12-18 times on my local courses with friends before I'd pay to play Pebble once.


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Stymie says:
I have paid over $300 plus caddie tip to play the ocean course at Kiawah Island, I would not pay that all the time but I would do it again, it was vacation, it's a top 25 course and I got to check it off the bucket list (hardest course to play). For that great course the money is usually well worth it. But if it's the on site course at the Breakers, take a pass, not worth the $225. Check out the off site Rees Jones course instead. And in Florida a great course is almost always over $100.
SingleDigits says:
I agree that Florida courses tend to be over priced (if you're not a local).

I recently paid $169 plus $100 for a caddie (including tip) at Chambers Bay. It was an awesome course, and I'd play there again in a heartbeat (but without the caddie this time -- although he was very helpful for round 1). It's like $60 if you're a resident of Pierce County -- what a steal!

$225 for West Palm seems like a poor value for the money.
Banker85 says:
MOST i have ever paid for a round has been 75 bucks nice course. I would rather play 5 rounds at home course though. sucks to be poor.
greendevil says:
Wow! I've never paid more than $35 bucks for a round. I just don't see how I could ever justify spending hundreds of dollars for one round of golf. I'd love to have the money to do so; I'd love to play Kiawah Island or Pebble Beach, but I'm just too poor. The game is to rich for me once the fees go over $50.
greendevil says:
@ kickntrue; I hope you enjoy your (working) vacation.
mschad says:
The most I've ever paid is in the $75 range. I agree with what others have said, would rather play more rounds at home course. Afraid I would have to quite if rounds cost $50 and over each time.
oobscott2 says:
i paid 425 to play doral blue monster. It was worth it for a one time experience.
the quality of the course, the history, the service, and the great weather in january. plus the fact that i can tell people i played it. it's a lot better to come back from vacation and say i played a world famous course than the miami municipal golf course for 25 bucks
bahag3g says:
I guess if you have disposable income for a high value golf game anywhere do it. I would if I could. It does not matter where you play, just enjoy the game.
ayparekh says:
yes, i do think that $225 per round is expensive. no matter what course or whether youre rich or not, its a waste unless youre playing with your buddies.
Mr_X says:
Golf for me is recreational. (The few dollars I make off my friends does not make me a pro.) So, how much is too much to spend on recreation? Look at how much things we spend our leisure on costs per hour?
$10/hr for a movie
$20/hr for theater tickets
$50+/hr for big name concert
$75+/hr for a high end dinner
Mini courses in Chicago are around $40-50. So a 4 hour round is comparable to a movie. My opinion is that golf is a better value because of the exercise, social benefits and competition.

Truly memorable courses that I would relive playing for the rest of your life, like St. Andrews, Kiawah or Augusta National are worth any amount I could afford.

The most I ever spent for a round was $250 for a charity. The course wasn't worth it, but the cause was.
falcon50driver says:
I try to play the better courses when I am out on a trip. What's the point in going to a new place and playing some municipal dump behind a bunch of hackers. oobscott2, I played the Blue Monster also, it is nicer to say you played there, you can't brag about playing Big Bob's golf and hamburger palace.
southping says:
Up till now I have paid $115 to play our premier local course . I am going to Pebble Beach on my honeymoon in the middle of October and every course there is over $200 . Not to mention the trip an hour up the road to Pasatiempo will be $325 with caddy . (I hope that one is worth it) . But it is only going to happen once . So I can justify that . My bucket list has Pebble at the top of it , so this trip should be a dream come true . I can't wait . You know you found your lifelong partner if the honeymoon is at Pebble Beach .
Swingem says:
@southping; Enjoy your trip to Pebble, its worth it. Don't worry about Pasatiempo, You'll enjoy it. Additionally, there's plenty of distractions in the area for your significant other while you play. If you want a break from the high prices try Pacific Grove or Aptos Seascape. If you want to push your luck, and really get an indication of of how compatible your spouse is with your golf addiction, take her to Bandon Dunes some time. Pure golf is an accurate description, there's really nothing else to do.

Our annual Bandon trip represents the most that I spend each year on golf. We do get a price break on golf and lodging based on the size of our group and the fact that we've been going for ten years. We also book the following year with them before we leave.
ipv6freely says:
If I was on vacation somewhere, I might be more inclined to pay more for a round. I sure as crap wouldn't pay for a caddy though. I'm perfectly fine carrying my own clubs, thank you. The most I've spent is $50, but if I could afford it I'd probably pay up to $150 or so, if I was on vacation and would only ever do it once, to say I did it.
I'll stick to my $8 home course, thanks.
greendevil says:
I found myself thinking about this last night and I realized that the most I've spent on a round of golf is $35. But, I find myself paying $50 or $60 on football tickets and don't have any problem shelling out that much money. Why is it that I can easily pay the higher money for football ticks but not on greens fees? I have long thought that golf was #1 to me but now I thinking that isn't really the case. Can somebody else relate?
BME_Badger says:
@greendevil - it's all about expectations and competition. You can play golf for $35, but can you see a football game for $35. My guess is if you could pay $35 to see the football game you'd have a harder time spending $60.

Personally I've played a couple of courses north of $50, some have been worth it while others have not.

One of my favorite deals is at University Ridge in Madison, every year in fall they have a couple weekdays where it is ~$70 for all you can play all day w/cart. Normal fees are about $80 on Friday/Saturday. Top notch facility and course, definitely worth it.

I reserve the courses I would spend hundreds on to those that would be a once in a lifetime event.
garthspaulding says:
I try to only spend the BIG DOUGH on vacation. I shelled out 125 Euro's [ about $180 ] for Lahinch in County Clare about 8 years ago and loved it. I also paid about $185 for the Ocean Course in Half Moon Bay and decided to grab the $65 replay rate for the Old Course. Both times were well worth it.

I normally play as cheap as I can and the San Francisco Residents Card is a great program. Harding is only $59 for me and $155 for out of towners on weekends. But I am really just getting back to the game and I think if you have any chance whatsoever of playing a "dream" courses you need to take it, despite the hit to the wallet! Sometimes you only get one shot in life.
Bryan K says:
I don't think there are any courses within a 100 mile drive that even COST more than $50 for 18 holes with a cart (which I usually decline except on the two courses that have mile long walks between holes mid-round).
mojodog08 says:
If you can afford it, DO IT!!! It's a business expense.
greendevil says:
@ BME_Badger; good point. I feel better now.
cdub says:
Look at it this way: You may drop $225 (or more depending on where you play) vs say, $75 for a decent course. Thats a difference of $150 bucks. You will eventually not miss the cash but you will always remember playing the course. You will be able to talk about it with your buddies and say you've played this or that course. A lifetime of a top-notch course memory would be well worth it in my book.
lee-t says:
Will you ever get the chance to do it again? I have played The Breakers and it is awesome..and The Ritz Carlton Tiberon..both amazing courses..Its a wonderful experience and if you can afford it do it..So you don't go out to dinner two nights..go to burger king..kentucky fried chicken instead..
edditude says:
I don't think I'd go out of my way to play a round of golf for $200+. They're are a few courses I might want to play in the future but it would have to be on a whim. They're are so many golf courses in this world and many of the municipal courses give you just as good as experience to play.
Henny25 says:
Hell Torrey is a municipal course!
kidputter says:
I would never pay more than a day's pay for a round of golf. Guess I need a better job to play better courses.
bducharm says:
I played The Links at Spanish Bay, Spyglass, and Pebble Beach on 3 consecutive days (my own nickel). It was $800 for all 3 rounds. Spanish Bay ($200) was nice, decent track. Spyglass ($250) was AWESOME! GREAT golf course and views. Pebble ($450) was Pebble - have to play it at least once. Everything you see on TV but more spectacular in person! I also paid $185 to play Oakmont (plus $50 for a caddie).
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