Rory McIlroy Continues Backtracking
By Kickntrue on 9/30/09
Rory McIlroy is young and is learning that if you don't say it right the first time, you just keep backtracking until it's fixed.

Earlier this year, young Rory said that the Ryder Cup doesn't mean that much to him. That didn't go over too well- so it shouldn't be a surprised to learn that after recently seeing the Vivendi Trophy (the prize) he now wants it bad.

So what can we learn from this? 1) Rory McIlroy has a good PR team around him, and 2) Apparently the winners of the Ryder Cup win a trophy called "Vivendi."

Since we're on the subject of McIlroy- is there anyone that thinks he's maybe all hype? He roared on to the scene earlier this year but I really haven't heard much from him since early June. He's only 20- so 3 or 4 dead months probably shouldn't equal a "write-off" of talent, but how many of these people do we have to hear about before they ever actually accomplish anything?

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Banker85 says:
he seemed pretty impressive good ball striker so if he gets the putter working i think he can be a serious contender.
cheymike says:
I think McIlroy was another guy that some were hopeful would knock the Tig.... errrr king off his throne. Don't get me wrong. The kid is GOOD and with a little experience may turn out to be the next "king". But right now.. its a LONG way from #24 up to #1 in the world!
Swingem says:
How do you say Anthony Kim in Irish?
Matt Otskey says:
@Swingem.... you're close...but it would be "Sergio Garcia" in Irish... I think when, in 25 years, we look back, we will see stunning comparisons to Sergio's and Rory's career.
Swingem says:
Matt... Are you implying that unseen metaphysical forces will conspire against poor Rory?
Tim Horan says:
I think you are so tied up thinking about Tiger that you cannot see the talent that is out there. Tiger may well be the best there is or ever was. They said the same about Nicklaus and before him about Palmer and Hogan. I get a little pissed that you cannot read a golf magazine without someone bad mouthing and putting down young talent and always comparing them with TIGER. Don't get me wrong Tiger is good. We all know he's good but I don't want to be told he's good to the exclusion of all other opinion and credit to others.
Matt Otskey says:
Swingem... Possibly, but more that at one point in his career, he'll be labeled the best player to not have a major championship, and then that label will leave him, but not because he finally won a major, but because someone better came along.
bducharm says:
I say Rory wins a major BEFORE Sergio!!!
Swingem says:
Anything is possible, Y.E. Yang at the PGA put on one of the best shows of the year. I like Rory and enjoy watching the young talent come up. I watched him win his first Euro-tour event and was pulling hard for him when he drained the putt to do it. I like Sergio and Anthony as well, and hope they each get their share of majors. In spite of his occasional whining, Sergio showed a lot of class at The Open when he offered his encouragement to Tom Watson, and AK played great in the Ryder Cup. The media needs to put labels on players because they have a product to sell. Its ok for us to pull for our favorites and have a little tongue-in-cheek fun with the latest "next-big-thing". If it ain't fun, why bother?
colinw says:
He's 20. He's around 5th on the Order of Merit and has had some very solid showings in PGA events in his first go-around. There is absolutely no way he's all-hype. "Next Tiger?" Nobody with an ounce of common sense is saying that. Another young GB'er to watch is Chris Woods. Solid showing at the Open Championship and when he gets hot, plays some seriously entertaining golf.
mjaber says:
Have you seen his girlfriend? Who cares how good he is at golf as long as she shows up with him :)

Seriously, though. I think that the next "big thing" will be the next young golfer who doesn't get sucked into the "next Tiger" hype that ends up surrounding any young golfer who becomes competitive on the pro tours very young (eg. Sergio).
trumps4 says:
I don't get it. The Ryder cup (Euro V. USA) and the Vivendi Trophy (England & Ireland V. rest of Europe) are two different events. Are you saying that, after winning the Vivendi, he now places more importance on the Ryder cup? Not sure why that would change anything.
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