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Tiger Breaks $1,000,000,000
By Kickntrue on 9/30/09
Eldrick Tont Woods is rich. The $10M he just received made him richer. Forbes has determined that Tiger became the first athlete to ever make $1 Billion from his FedExCup winnings. Consider this though, there are about 950 billionaires in the world and for the first time one of them is a professional athlete.

Way more of them are geeks.

/fingers crossed

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Banker85 says:
ok so he should be a multi-billionaire before he's 50 insane! who's house? TIGERS HOUSE!
C-4 says:
Damn..and for golfing...what a job!....and think...Fed ex is still cutting jobs and hours for the little guys...but the have shelled out a bil in the last 10 years...wow
Kickntrue says:
@C-4 in fairness this is total earnings. The PGA Tour and FedEx have cut some of those checks, but let's me honest... most of it is coming from a Big Ole' Swoosh.
Shankapotamus says:
Considering what he has done for the game and the amount of money he has generated for others, I'd say he deserves it. Not to mention the fact that he has been "working" for over 30 years. Okay, so he didn't get paid for the first 20 years, but you know what I mean.
ipv6freely says:
I'm more likely to make my money as a geek than as a golfer, so I don't mind that he's the only athlete at that level ;)
Dee Kelly - imeeGOLF says:
Doing the thing you love most and getting paid for it... now that is the life - no matter what way you look at it!!
bducharm says:
What is funny is the money means pretty much little now to him. I'm sure at first it was pretty cool getting paid but he just wants the majors now. Cash is king!!!
keastc says:
Incidentally that's $1 for each time Tiger's heard some idiot yell "get in the hole".
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