Jerry Rice Will Attempt Pro Golf
By Kickntrue on 10/1/09
Hall of Fame wide receiver Jerry Rice has announced that he's hosting a Nationwide Tour event and will play in it to boot. Oh- and this isn't just a one-time thing. Rice is going to devote his life to the game he loves and attempt to make the PGA Tour.
"I don't want this to look like some stunt for publicity," said Rice, who will turn 47 this month. "I'm seriously focused, I want this to happen. It would be a dream come true, like playing in the NFL."
For what it's worth, Rice is a self-taught scratch golfer.

I'll be rooting for Rice, but let's be honest, this is a long-long-long shot. I think some players could resent him too, especially as he plays through the Nationwide Tour events. He'll always be taking someone's spot who is trying anything to make it. While technically Jerry made be in the same boat, it's hard to imagine at 47 he'll have enough time to pull this off.

We've all golfed (I'll assume that since you're reading this site) and know how hard it is. How much of an accomplishment would it be for Rice if he could do it? It has to be every bit impressive as someone playing both baseball and football, right?

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cheymike says:
Hmmm... considering that he is already a scratch golfer, I don't think its an impossibility that he will make it onto the PGA tour. And why are the people on the Nationwide tour going to be resentful? If he can make the cut and they can't then they don't deserve the spot.
Werepuppie says:
I think the point here is that due to his status he will get sponsor's exemptions into events,that otherwise would go to someone else.
cheymike says:
It says he's taking the sponsor exemption for the Stonebrae Classic and since he's sponsoring that one, that's fine with me and probably most people. HOWEVER, if he tries to push that status at other events, then YEP... I can see where there would be resentment. If he plays his way into other tourney's then that's fine. But not taking sponsor exemptions for all of them.
Kickntrue says:
@cheymike- remember a scratch golfer doesn't make you pro-ready. most guys who play golf professionally would have indexes of +6 or better. Ask someone how hard it is to go from a 5 to scratch- and then imagine adding that same improvement on top of that.
bducharm says:
I can attest to the "scratch golfer not being pro-ready" conversation. I am a +2 at my home course. It's a different thing when you travel and play courses you are not familiar with. This is the one distinction I think seperates the pros from the rest of us. They go to different courses, with different grasses on greens, different layouts each week and shoot low scores! As for Jerry Rice, good luck to him - I would LOVE to play him heads-up on a course both of us have never played before. I have seen him play in the celebrity events on TV and I would like my chances...
cheymike says:
@Kickntrue. Yep.. I understand what you are saying. But I know there is a possibility of him doing it(even if improbable)and that's what I was saying. Remember this guy is a not only a pro athlete, but a guy with more drive and determination when he sets his mind to something than most people have ever even dreamed of having. I know being an "athlete" isn't a pre-requisite, but it sure isn't going to hurt his chances! LOL!!
GolfGeek69 says:
I agree with everyone and in addition I say go for it. It gives guys like me who are 40 hope that one day we could do the same. :) One additional thought is that he brings more popularity to the game and that is always good for golf.
Banker85 says:
i like his chances athletes are driven and if puts in half of the effort he put into his hall of fame football career im sure he can def hang with the guys on the nationwide tour. and as far as the resentment goes too bad! thats life its not always fair so they can cry all they want!
mjaber says:
I think someone should put together and market a "pro athlete" tour. I'll bet if you put Jerry Rice, John Elway, John Smotlz, and Michael Jordan on a golf tour it'd rake in some serious cash.
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