Greg Norman And Chris Evert Split
By Kickntrue on 10/5/09
Greg Norman and his new wife Chris Evert are no more. A year and a half... not bad for a celeb marriage. Rumors are that neither wanted to move out of their houses. Wow... must've have really been some deep love!

I feel cheated on this one. Remember Greg's 2008 run at the British and how we all got sucked in my his love story with Evert? We were to believe they had sparked each other's lives once again to greatness.

... and to get divorced because of a house?! Weak sause.

A House's Fault

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oobscott2 says:
her good luck must of run out. He had to fire her after he missed the cut at the British this year
bducharm says:
It's really sad how culture has taken over and just allowed divorce to be OK. I have always said there are 3 things in this country it is WAY too easy to do: get married, get divorced, and get a drivers license!!!
Banker85 says:
perfect timing too, right before the presidents cup. that is a weak reason too... i mean why not just keep both houses?
colinw says:
That's the stupidest cover story in history. Who are their PR people? They are either obviously lying or the shallowest, vainest people I've heard of and pretty much just insulted everyone who is married and takes it half serious. Just say you don't want to disclose a reason and move on. Now you just open yourself to all sorts of is Norman's inability to win the big one on the course related to his inability to win the big one in life. Way to quit waaaaaay to easy, Shark
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