President's Cup Week
By Kickntrue on 10/6/09
There isn't too much more professional golf to be excited about in 2009 so this week's President's Cup should be cherished.'s Helen Ross had a chance to sit down with USA assistant Michael Jordan about his golf game and how he became so addicted.

Check out the whole interview- but here are a couple of my favorite excerpts:
PGATOUR.COM: How much do you play?

MJ: Out of seven days, I probably play six. I play a lot.

PGATOUR.COM: Any particular golf club?

MJ: I'm all over the 14-club rule. I've got probably about 26 memberships all over the United States. No one in particular. I'm a member at Medinah. If I ever want to test my game I go to Medinah because every shot matters. My best round ever at Medinah is 76, and I play from the tips. Ego would never let me move up first. But along with the 76, I'm pretty sure I've got a bunch of 96s. Big numbers. I play the Merit Club a lot in Chicago.

PGATOUR.COM: Have you ever been as nervous over a putt as you were over a free throw to win a game?

MJ: Oh yeah, without a doubt. I was nervous today. The first tee, I was very, very nervous. Every athlete wants to belong wherever he's participating. Even in golf, I want to feel that I belong. No, I'm not at the same level. I'm in amazement of their golf swings and how to hit and how to focus over the ball. I don't want to take away from what they do. But as a competitor I want to perform at my highest. I want to do well. So I put more pressure on myself that they probably even know. And I try to relieve that pressure by a lot of different things -- joking, kidding around, blah, blah, blah. I was more nervous today over any of my shots than I've ever been in my life.
He goes on to talk about why playing with Tiger is actually easier and what you can expect from Team USA this week in San Francisco.

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mngolfballer09 says:
I would like to see AK and Tiger play togther
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