The Body Issue is available Oct 9.
Are You Ready For Christina Kim Nude?
By Kickntrue on 10/7/09
ESPN The Magazine's Body Issue will hit stands on Friday. Included will be 3 golfers in the buff- strategically covered, including Christina Kim. The magazine will feature athletes from many different sports and of all different body types. It's to focus on the beauty of the human body and what it can perform. Also included in the issue will be Dwight Howard, Adrain Peterson, Serena Williams, Gina Carano and many many more athletes.

Okay... so, ESPN: The Mag got one right with this one. They are using the titillation of SI's Swimsuit Issue with the body conscious approach of Dove products for women. Case in point- last night I saw a feature on the upcoming issue with my wife. They are showing nude picture after nude picture of both male and female athletes (all will be covered strategically - this isn't going to be a skin mag). Because it wasn't all just super models and because both male and females as well as all body types are being featured- my wife was all about it. At the end of the segment she asked if we could get the issue. I glanced her way- and asked, "to be clear, you'd like me to go pick up this glossy magazine featured toned nude athlete after athlete?" See where I'm going with this...? Well done ESPN. Probably the first good thing you've done in years... and to think it came from the print side of things.

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BMcDonald says:
I wonder if subscribers get this free?
colinw says:
If Christina Kim is going to be naked it better come with at least a 12 pack and a dimmer switch.
Ben Crane says:
^ Ouch!
Banker85 says:
definitely not ready! get your air brushes ready ESPN!
KPK704 says:
She looks alot better than she used to look, she must have lost over 20-30 pounds
Matt Otskey says:
HAHA I got my copy today in the mail since I'm a subscriber. And to anyone who is thinking of ever subscribing to this magazine...don't. It's all a bunch of fluff. Mostly advertisements. Sports Illustrated is sooooo much better written and insightful.
Mookie says:
What? You read the articles?
falcon50driver says:
They have articles?
bducharm says:
aaronm04 says:
Meh ... false advertising IMO. If no boobage or hoohoo is visible, then nudity it's not. If these pics were in a movie, it would not warrant an R rating. All marketing.
Kickntrue says:
@aaronm04- "boobage or hoohoo" ... I'm going to need you in a couple years to teach my kids sex ex.
golfgirl says:
The photos are really nice and send a good message, because although toned, as you say, many of the bodies are far from the unrealistic perfection of SI Swimsuits. Serena Williams looks gorgeous and she's not built like any of the SI Models. These athletes are nude, but the poses are fun, lighthearted, sporty & smiley ... whereas in SI the poses are in highly sexualized, pouty, lugubrious for the most get the picture. So, yes women will like it better, but I don't think women will buy it en mass because they're not used to buying ESPN Magazine and neither are they used to buying a magazine to look at bodies. Men are used to doing both and for Men this won't be nearly sexy enough to compete with SI Swimsuit...perhaps the first issue out of curiosity, but not on the long run. It's a valiant effort though and I applaud them.
aaronm04 says:
@Kickntrue: Heh .. not my normal verbage, but just wanted to keep it as clean as I could. I say much worse on the golf course. And more colorfully (at least I like to think so).
moleqj says:
the photo of christina kim is definitely "photoshopped". she doesn't look anything like that in person. much worse.
plk128 says:
Here breats are insane
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