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Will Kim be a factor?
Presidents Cup Kicks Off
By Kickntrue on 10/8/09
The Presidents Cup kicks off today with 6 alternate shot matches. Fun stuff. Seriously, this would be a fun format to play with your buddies in a 2 on 2 foursome, but I don't know a lot of people who want to pay full price to play half the shots. I guess you could play 4 balls going back and forth- and then take best ball, as a way to at least get more swings in.

Either way- I really like this as a professional format. As great as these players are- imagine being paired with the guy who can't hit the fairway and being the bail out guy. Imagine the pressure of making the 8 foot eagle putt after Tiger his a cut 3 wood tight. You know he wouldn't miss it, but you will.

Here are a couple Presidents Cup links. Enjoy and, Go USA!

Facts And Figures
Presidents Cup Doesn't Matter
Thursday Pairings

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bducharm says:
I LOVE the Presidents and Ryder Cups...team events are a blast and you are correct, the pressure ramps up significantly!!!
Banker85 says:
it seems to really get the competetive juices flowing which you really dont see on tour that much.
mjaber says:
I see it as kind of like a relay race in Track & Field. My old coach always used to say that a guy gets about a second faster in the 4x400 relay when you put a baton in his hand. I think it comes down to that instead of it being just about you, and only costing you if you screw up, your errors will not affect 11 other guys (or 3 in the case of the relay).
trumps4 says:
I for one, LOVE the team aspect of the Ryder Cup and the Presidents Cup. Maybe even more than that, I LOVE that we will see some match play at the professional level. I am a believer that the regular tour season should have more match-play events. It is simply more fun to watch IMO.
Kickntrue says:
Does anyone know how they choose the ball to use for Alt. Shot? Phil and Kim play two different balls- but obviously you have to use one through the hole. Seems like it'd be worth pairing like players together.
mjaber says:
@Kickntrue... funny, I saw the same question on Yahoo earlier. I saw a couple differing opinions.

One was that each player would play their ball (ie. Tiger tee's off with his Nike, Stricker with his Titleist), and they just play out.

The other opinion was that it would be a simple discussion before the round who's ball they would play.

Interesting side note is that Ryo Ishikawa is the most sought after player for the 1st round, since he doesn't have a ball sponsorship, and is willing to play any ball.
mjaber says:
Can I get some video of Johnson's drive hitting Camillo's caddie? How do you not show a replay of that, Golf Channel?
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