I'm Wearing A Helmet Golfing
By Kickntrue on 10/8/09
A golf ball to the head has to be a rough way to go. Poor Grandma.

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greendevil says:
Yeah, it's too bad things like this happen; this is a chance we all take when we step out onto the course. I second "Poor Grandma".
chief_broom says:
I wonder what happened? The piece was more of an obit than a news story. This does reinforce the point about being mindful when you hit. Getting hit by a ball is no laughing matter.
Banker85 says:
so, wonder who did it? did they yell fore? thats why i dont hit into people!
Shankapotamus says:
I've always felt somewhat secure after seeing hundreds of people in the gallery get hit while watching tournaments. Maybe some of those people get seriously injured but I have never heard of someone dying and most of them seem fine within a minute. A guy standing next to meet at a Champions Tour event got hit in the neck by Gary McCord and was fine but when I hear about something like this and it changes my attitude.
kidputter says:
Maybe it was the person she was playing with. A close range shot is by far more deadly than the ones we see on the tube. Either way, sad to hear it. It still won't deter me from playing...when I can get some time off work.
Tim Horan says:
One of our members got struck on the head from around 150yds whilst waiting to play the next hole. He convulsed and had to be air lifted to hospital. Nobody shouted fore otherwise he and his partners would have covered up. Thankfully he recovered fully. No amount of insurance replaces someones loved one. FGS shout fore!
Tim Horan says:
I was playing golf a couple of weeks ago and hit an errant 3 iron whilst attempting a draw around trees. The ball took off low and on target but failed to get the draw. I shouted fore and the group ahead on the adjacent fairway ignored the call... the ball was travelling like a bullit at head height and they were walking into it's path I shouted again with more urgency as the ball scattered them. I was livid, they had no concept of what the shout of "fore" should mean. Let's all try and get back to some basics here(Top pros included). None of us are above shouting a warning!
c5agalb says:
I think Tiger puts his either arm depending on his wayward shot is going left or right towards the gallery on tv. Plus it takes a brain cell or two to get past the "oh s*$&" immediate response of that crappy shot you just it.
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