Golf In For 2016 Olympics
By Kickntrue on 10/9/09
Golf was official announced as a new sport for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Golf along with Rugby received the nod. Both were expected to be the two sports chosen to be added.

I'm sure there is some golf in Brazil but it's probably time to get a couple world class courses designed. With 7 years- Jack Nicklaus Design should be able to put something together, right?

I've made my feelings on Olympic golf clear in the past (I think it's a dumb choice) but I can't deny that I'll be tuning it when it happens (assuming I haven't given up this stupid game by then). I just hope their are some new up and comers by then because a lot of the guys we're watching today won't be at the same level they are now. I'm still hoping for a team format but that's not going to happen.

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Rio Is Limited For Golf

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falcon50driver says:
Surely you're not considering giving up this stupid game?
bducharm says:
You can never give up golf - it will haunt you all of your days!!! I just can't quit you!!!
JTsunam says:
Here's my proposed format for golf:
For men and women.
64 2-man teams in a match play bracket. Foursomes/Fouball play alternating each day as teams dwindle (like Omega World Cup). Double elimination format so you have 2 brackets (Winners and Losers). 2 2-man teams from pre-qualified countries (top 32) from qualifying tournaments in each region like in soccer. Teams have to be comprised of one professional and one amateur. Single and team mentality will be displayed as well as the fighting attitude in representing your country (amateur) and displaying world class talent (professional). Plus a ton of golf will be played during those two weeks.
mljackson says:
As an avid golfer living in the state of Rio de Janiero, I can attest that the choices are limited. My home course is Buzios. It is 6886 yards from the tips, a challenging links-style course and about 2 hours drive north of Rio. It is the only course which would serve for the men's play. There are two courses in the city of Rio where the ladies could play, but they are far less than 7000 yards. Rumor has it that Nick Faldo is working to have two courses built and ready by 2016 in the city of Rio. So, the choices are limited. But we will make it work and we are excited to have golf here in 2016!!!
Torleif Sorenson says:
Jeff, I'm hard-pressed right now to think of a better format, and I *really* like the idea of pairing one pro and one amateur, although if no willing pros come forward from a particular country, IMHO the format should allow for two amateurs.

Another possibility: If there's not at least 48 countries sending a team, then I would like to see four-person teams with at least two amateur players. Sure, it'll take longer and the opening rounds would have to be contested over multiple days, but we already have to do that in other sports, esp. ice hockey.

Mike, please don't let this be the last time you post on the courses in Brazil; I for one greatly appreciate your 'eyewitness testimony.' :>
Tim Horan says:
In years past all Olympic sports were for amateurs. If you were professional you could not enter the Olympics. IMO that should be returned to; It is unfair for professionals to compete in that arena when they make their living from it. If professionals were allowed to compete it will be at the expense of worthy amateurs making the team purely on a "spots available" basis. Who would pay for their travel and expenses? (sponsorship/ endorsement deals already in place)That was never in the spirit of the games was it?
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